Closed petition Provide more 4-section recycling units around the island.

Public littering - despite environmental awareness - is still a problem throughout the Island. Even with our household recycling programme within the 12 parishes, there are not many public 4-section recycling bins within communal areas outside of St. Helier.

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I would like to see more 4-section recycling bins on the boulevards of ALL our beautiful beaches (as that's where littering occurs most - especially in summer), and in main villages and Parish meeting places. An example of this is St. Brelade and St. Ouen's beaches - the public rubbish bins are so far spread from each other.

We have done such a good job establishing public 4-section recycling bins in St. Helier, like in Millennium Park - so why can't we do just as good a job in the areas outside of town?

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