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  1. Higher sentences for paedophiles.

    The government responded on 1 February 2019

    It is not common practice in Jersey to use legislation to set minimum prison terms. Further research is needed to establish if resources should be diverted to monitoring offenders for their whole life

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  2. Ban the use of Round Up and all products containing glyphosate in the Island.

    The government responded on 11 January 2019

    There is currently insufficient evidence to justify a ban of products containing glyphosate, and we will continue to monitor E.U. & U.K. professional authorities’ advice and respond appropriately.

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  3. Provide CGM devices and insulin pumps on prescription to all type 1 diabetics.

    The government responded on 14 December 2018

    The actions requested by the petitioner will be considered as part of the work on the development of an Island-wide strategy for the diabetes service.

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