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  1. Close schools as they are a breeding ground for covid.

    The government responded on 22 February 2021

    Covid related school closure by the Minister for Education must be necessary and proportionate, agreed by the Minister for Health and Social Services and supported by medical advice.

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  2. Support a proposal to improve the unused recreational sporting area at FB Fields

    The government responded on 18 February 2021

    The proposed lease of the site to a third-party business venture and the creation of five-a-side football pitches is considered a breach of conditions created when the land was gifted to the Public.

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  3. Change the law to protect all vulnerable road users - Introduce Freddie’s Law

    The government responded on 16 February 2021

    The built environment, legislation, education and publicity all contribute to improving road safety. The STP will include consideration for how new liability laws could encourage change .

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