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  1. Reverse the decision to add GST to all Amazon orders

    The government responded on 4 August 2023

    The GST Law already allows registered charities to reclaim all GST paid to any suppliers, incurred in the course and furtherance of their charitable aims.

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  2. Stop lowering speed limits

    The government responded on 31 July 2023

    Historically, Jersey’s speed limits have evolved on a reactive basis and have not always been applied coherently and consistently to roads of similar character.

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  3. Preserve Jersey's Mail Plane: Sign Petition to Safeguard Our Future and Economy.

    The government responded on 30 June 2023

    The withdrawal of Royal Mail’s mail plane would have almost no impact on inbound deliveries to the Island because, with the exception of special delivery items, these are already delivered by sea.

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