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  1. Make fireworks with a ‘bang’ illegal in Jersey to prevent the stress of animals.

    The government responded on 9 December 2022

    The Minister would like to see greater controls on the availability of fireworks and will bring proposals to that effect in the form of revised regulations during her term of office.

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  2. Give power to the JSPCA to be able to protect/remove abused animals.

    The government responded on 29 July 2022

    The JSPCA does not wish to have the powers suggested by the petitioner; such powers can already be exercised by the States Vet accompanied by police officers

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  3. Introduce an immediate reduction in road fuel duty

    The government responded on 10 May 2022

    The Minister does not support fuel duty reductions and believes that more targeted interventions will be more effective in reducing the impact of rising costs on lower-income households.

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