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  1. Throw out plans to make lower St. John's road one-way northbound

    The government responded on 15 November 2023

    This is only a three-month trial and is necessary to collect factual data on which decisions about future road safety improvements will be based.

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  2. Government to subsidise the costs of childcare to enable women to return to work

    The government responded on 30 October 2023

    Given the importance of early years in child development, a balanced approach is required to ensure that the best interests of the child are met in addition to the needs of parents and the economy.

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  3. Reverse the decision to add GST to all Amazon orders

    The government responded on 4 August 2023

    The GST Law already allows registered charities to reclaim all GST paid to any suppliers, incurred in the course and furtherance of their charitable aims.

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