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  1. Make states old age pensions exempt from tax

    The government responded on 3 July 2024

    Jersey has a world-leading tax threshold of £20,000 for single individuals. Anyone with income below that threshold does not pay a penny in income tax.

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  2. States Assembly to request a cease fire in Gaza

    The government responded on 31 May 2024

    On 27th February 2024 the States Assembly held a debate on a report and proposition entitled Ceasefire in Gaza (P.7/2024). The outcome was a vote 45-0 in favour of the proposition as amended.

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  3. Increase sentencing for causing death by dangerous driving

    The government responded on 3 April 2024

    The Minister for Home Affairs is acutely aware that offences of this nature can have a devastating impact on all who are affected, including victims, their families and the community more widely.

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