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  1. Stop work and spending at Overdale hospital until Planning consent received

    The government responded on 1 September 2021

    Detailed documentation is required so that a planning application can be submitted. Stopping work on the project would mean the necessary information could not be collected or provided to Planning.

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  2. Give us BACK our FREEDOMS. It is time to live with Covid-19 - time to MOVE ON !

    The government responded on 27 July 2021

    The Government of Jersey does not rely on only a single metric (such as case numbers) when making population level decisions on COVID-19.

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  3. Change the sex offenders register to start the day of release from prison.

    The government responded on 26 July 2021

    The Minister supports the principle of this petition, however the necessary legislative amendments require consultation with relevant parties and are unlikely to be achievable within this term.

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