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  1. Introduce an immediate reduction in road fuel duty

    2,160 signatures

  2. Independent inspection of all health facilities, including community care

    1,843 signatures

  3. Introduce the Island-wide mandate for all States politicians by 2026

    1,281 signatures

  4. Reject the proposition to re-zone Fields 622 and 623

    443 signatures

  5. Build tunnels and rope bridges for our wildlife

    412 signatures

  6. Give power to the JSPCA to be able to protect/remove abused animals.

    390 signatures

  7. Legalise the use of e-scooters on all roads.

    376 signatures

  8. Make it compulsory for all workplaces to publish yearly pay gap reports.

    344 signatures

  9. Dog park - Create a space for dogs in town where they can be off the lead.

    341 signatures

  10. Reject the proposition to extend emergency Covid powers until December 2022

    291 signatures

  11. Allow entertainment venues the option to open on Good Friday & trade as normal.

    271 signatures

  12. Let the people of Jersey have a say if they want Broad Street open or closed

    264 signatures

  13. Do not make Midvale Road ONE-WAY.

    258 signatures

  14. Allow prescribed medicinal cannabis users to grow their own

    156 signatures

  15. Keep the Hearing Resource (HRC) in St Helier

    129 signatures

  16. Put all States Members on a living wage in-line with the average person

    103 signatures

  17. An island deposit return scheme for glass, metal and plastic drink containers

    101 signatures

  18. Help the public by subsidising online mental health therapy sessions

    95 signatures

  19. Mature trees need to be moved and not cut down as part of planning permission.

    91 signatures

  20. Jersey Residents to offer refuge to Ukrainians under Homes for Ukraine scheme

    83 signatures

  21. Stop siting cellular antennae and substations within Jersey school boundaries.

    83 signatures

  22. Better laws to protect cyclists in road traffic incidents.

    81 signatures

  23. Discount duty from recent fuel increases

    79 signatures

  24. Make face mask wearing mandatory immediately

    46 signatures

  25. Do not remove “having recovered from Covid” as a valid exemption on travel.

    31 signatures

  26. To change the law on motorcycle age/test, and bringing in a DAS like in the UK

    24 signatures

  27. Make it law for all workplaces to provide period products in bathrooms

    22 signatures

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