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  1. STOP the government extending car park charging hours from 8AM-5PM to 7AM-6PM.

    4,659 signatures

  2. Ban all new plastic carrier bags from being given out or sold in Jersey

    864 signatures

  3. Support low income mature students to complete their education to degree level

    705 signatures

  4. Allow electric scooters on public roads.

    280 signatures

  5. Restart Stage 1 of the Island Plan after a viable population policy is in place.

    277 signatures

  6. The States should repay coastal property owners who have suffered boundary fines

    268 signatures

  7. Establish an independent inquiry into the actions of the Planning Department.

    259 signatures

  8. Provide street lights in Grouville to make it safer in darkness.

    250 signatures

  9. Introduce a Good Samaritan law to protect citizens who save a dog from a hot car

    176 signatures

  10. Compulsory water refill stations at all public events.

    132 signatures

  11. Make it law to reveal domestic abusers' pasts to new partners.

    109 signatures

  12. Green street carpark entrance is fine it doesn't need upgrading.

    107 signatures

  13. Ask the Environment Minister to legislate to ban the release of helium balloons.

    94 signatures

  14. To ban glasses in late bars and clubs

    68 signatures

  15. Ban the use of mobile phones in ALL vehicles while the engine is running.

    51 signatures

  16. Introduce Legislation to require local supermarkets to donate food to charities.

    49 signatures

  17. Make all Government employees pay for parking.

    34 signatures

  18. Any cruelty to animals should carry long sentences.

    28 signatures

  19. Make it obligatory to have a bell attached to any bicycle using the cycle paths.

    15 signatures

  20. Outlaw all non-consensual, non-therapeutic male circumcision.

    14 signatures

  21. Recognition Of the Armenian Genocide

    12 signatures

  22. Change the age of taking a test for a 50cc licence to 15.

    10 signatures

  23. Change the law so people can divorce without spouse consent after 1yr separated

    8 signatures

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