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  1. Stop the removal of sports facilities from Fort Regent

    2,516 signatures

  2. Introduce 20 hours free childcare for children from 9 months old.

    1,699 signatures

  3. Preserve Jersey's Mail Plane: Sign Petition to Safeguard Our Future and Economy.

    568 signatures

  4. Reopen Oak & Maple Wards at St Saviour's Hosp for advanced dementia patients.

    555 signatures

  5. Produce and publish a Flood Response Action plan

    441 signatures

  6. Independent Inspection of all Health Care Facilities, including community care.

    411 signatures

  7. Update the Animal Welfare Law 2004.

    302 signatures

  8. Allocate 1 beach to allow dogs to be walked off the lead all year round

    262 signatures

  9. Extend the Millennium Town Park as green space needed in already populated area!

    184 signatures

  10. Record Vaccination Status & Last Vaccination Date on Death Certificates

    180 signatures

  11. Allow clubs to stay open until 4am

    147 signatures

  12. Watchdog service for Medicinal cannabis on the island is needed

    138 signatures

  13. Keep Performing Arts at Highlands College for 2023

    112 signatures

  14. Make the wheelchair space on buses a priority in law

    91 signatures

  15. Make it illegal for supermarkets/restaurants to dispose of food.

    68 signatures

  16. Make shops give money received from carrier bag sales to an environmental fund.

    64 signatures

  17. Agree to carry out a review of Revenue Jersey’s tax estimation process

    64 signatures

  18. Regulate Dental Costs to Improve Accessibility and Reduce Health Consequences

    53 signatures

  19. Provide free school meals to all students whose parents receive Income Support

    43 signatures

  20. Provide sauna and steam facilities at Springfield when Fort Regent is closed.

    41 signatures

  21. Stop the rise in GP fees

    27 signatures

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