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  1. Higher sentences for paedophiles.

    3,118 signatures

  2. Cease paying income tax on Social Security pensions.

    2,522 signatures

  3. Have an allocated beach in Jersey where dogs can be off their leads all year.

    1,446 signatures

  4. Stop the strikes and support our teachers

    1,152 signatures

  5. Scrap the idea to close the roads around liberation square permanently.

    1,079 signatures

  6. Introduce plant based plastic islandwide to reduce usage of single use plastic

    979 signatures

  7. Lower the age for a smear test from 25 to 18 to prevent cervical cancer.

    968 signatures

  8. Review alternative hospital sites

    753 signatures

  9. Provide a 24 hour CAMHS service and a specialist inpatient/therapy facility

    679 signatures

  10. Amend the mandatory road worthiness tests only for those travelling to Europe

    657 signatures

  11. Demand for a full investigation into the safety of a 5G network in Jersey.

    544 signatures

  12. Ask the States to consider welcoming an appropriate number of child refugees

    346 signatures

  13. Ban the use of weed killers, pesticides and antifreeze that are not pet friendly

    273 signatures

  14. Jersey to be Carbon Neutral by 2035.

    225 signatures

  15. Please support Deputy Robert Ward's proposition to call a Climate Emergency

    148 signatures

  16. Start collecting recyclable plastic in more parishes

    121 signatures

  17. Bring in a competitor for Condor ferries

    104 signatures

  18. Rescind the States decision to introduce MOT style checks

    103 signatures

  19. Create and Open a Japanese style Dog Park at a suitable location in Jersey

    49 signatures

  20. Re-debate and get public opinion before finalising implementation of 5G

    34 signatures

  21. Ban smoking outside of designated smoking areas on Jersey’s most popular beaches

    33 signatures

  22. Ban single use plastic water bottles and have a weekly beach clean

    30 signatures

  23. Erect a statue, bust or plaque to commemorate Marx and Engels' time in Jersey

    27 signatures

  24. Increase tax rates for high earners and offshore investors

    26 signatures

  25. Give Children's Commissioner legal entitlement to any information she needs

    16 signatures

  26. Make Andium shortlist for First Time Buyers more transparent and visible.

    13 signatures

  27. Make Green Street a one way road

    10 signatures

  28. Zebra crossing at Trinity Hill just before the entrance to the private drive.

    8 signatures

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