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  1. Write off income tax liability for prior year if moved to current year basis.

    5,770 signatures

  2. Keep gyms open and enforce masks and 2-metre distancing for extra protection.

    4,375 signatures

  3. Break up from school a week earlier

    4,255 signatures

  4. Change the law to protect all vulnerable road users - Introduce Freddie’s Law

    3,469 signatures

  5. Follow Scotland and make period products free for all.

    1,958 signatures

  6. Reconsider the childcare memorial.

    1,823 signatures

  7. Ban any fireworks for sale in Jersey unless they are low noise fireworks.

    1,725 signatures

  8. Stop residential planning permission at Seaside Cafe, Greve de Lecq.

    1,671 signatures

  9. Offer one-off grants for the worst affected industries due to forced closures.

    1,580 signatures

  10. Support a proposal to improve the unused recreational sporting area at FB Fields

    1,534 signatures

  11. Reopen Broad Street to traffic

    1,501 signatures

  12. Teachers should be included in the first wave of the Covid-19 Vaccine Programme.

    1,302 signatures

  13. Allow companions to Ante-natal Scans.

    1,280 signatures

  14. Review the Law surrounding the Child Personal Care Benefit.

    1,166 signatures

  15. Allow Christmas Eve gatherings for communities that celebrate this holiday

    1,128 signatures

  16. Make St Brelade's Bay Jersey National Park with protected Tourist sites

    1,066 signatures

  17. Remove People's Park, St. Andrew's Park & Millbrook site from hospital shortlist

    1,022 signatures

  18. Close schools as they are a breeding ground for covid.

    983 signatures

  19. Put St Saviour’s Hospital and Warwick Farm on the new hospital shortlist.

    872 signatures

  20. To ensure the Island is not left without a Movie Theatre / Cinema !

    774 signatures

  21. Make a law for the safe use of electric powered transport devices.

    604 signatures

  22. Remove green fields and agricultural land at Five Oaks from hospital sites

    593 signatures

  23. Ensure face masks aren't mandatory in public areas or on public & school buses.

    581 signatures

  24. Make it compulsory for all cyclists to wear cycle helmets on Jersey's roads

    540 signatures

  25. Debate the Chief Executive’s accountability to the people of Jersey

    477 signatures

  26. Tougher penalties for anti-social behaviour in the under 15's (12+ years)

    423 signatures

  27. Review Cost of New Hospital at Overdale Versus Warwick Farm

    351 signatures

  28. The full cost of IVF treatment should be funded by the Government

    350 signatures

  29. Open the Library as an essential business

    299 signatures

  30. Allow the health and fitness industry to reopen at the start of January

    241 signatures

  31. Restrict the borders to essential travel only

    235 signatures

  32. Patriotic Street car park free for health workers until end of January 2021

    227 signatures

  33. Not tax medicinal cannabis

    224 signatures

  34. Commission a full independent and external enquiry into the Legal System

    217 signatures

  35. Ban slug pellets in Jersey.

    211 signatures

  36. Stop the compulsory need for a landline with a fibre broadband connection.

    188 signatures

  37. Review the hospitality breaker and freeze alcohol licences for daytime cafes.

    187 signatures

  38. Reduce the speed limit to 20 mph on the road outside Trinity Village Stores

    170 signatures

  39. Review the Education Policy - summer babies to start when developmentally ready.

    146 signatures

  40. Reopen Social Security and services in La Motte Street

    136 signatures

  41. Allow individuals who live alone to be part of a bubble with another household

    134 signatures

  42. Adopt Focused Protection

    130 signatures

  43. Save the Senator in any electoral reform

    110 signatures

  44. Increase capacity, employ more staff and decrease waiting times for CAMHS

    110 signatures

  45. Increase the period of residency for housing qualifications from 10 to 20 years

    107 signatures

  46. Increase Isolation Benefit for care home workers who have to self-isolate.

    106 signatures

  47. Reduce the number of signatures required on a petition for a response or debate.

    105 signatures

  48. Prioritise Jersey residents for Senior Public Sector Jobs

    98 signatures

  49. Island wide lockdown

    82 signatures

  50. Government of Jersey to apply moderators to its social media

    81 signatures

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