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  1. Cease paying income tax on Social Security pensions.

    2,693 signatures

  2. Have an allocated beach in Jersey where dogs can be off their leads all year.

    1,516 signatures

  3. Stop the strikes and support our teachers

    1,248 signatures

  4. Introduce plant based plastic islandwide to reduce usage of single use plastic

    1,190 signatures

  5. Make Monday 11 May, 2020, a public holiday to fully celebrate Liberation 75.

    1,144 signatures

  6. Scrap the idea to close the roads around liberation square permanently.

    1,114 signatures

  7. Support low income mature students to complete their education to degree level

    654 signatures

  8. Start collecting recyclable plastic in more parishes

    355 signatures

  9. Ban the use of weed killers, pesticides and antifreeze that are not pet friendly

    296 signatures

  10. Have household recycling collection in all Jersey parishes.

    254 signatures

  11. Legalise cannabis, decriminalise it or make medicinal available

    254 signatures

  12. The States should initiate an Island-wide debate on drugs, exploring all options

    187 signatures

  13. Introduce a Good Samaritan law to protect citizens who save a dog from a hot car

    170 signatures

  14. To allow lifeboat crew members to have sirens to get to lifeboat quicker

    118 signatures

  15. Make it law to reveal domestic abusers' pasts to new partners.

    101 signatures

  16. Make car parks more accessible for parents with young children.

    65 signatures

  17. Create and Open a Japanese style Dog Park at a suitable location in Jersey

    49 signatures

  18. Ban the use of mobile phones in ALL vehicles while the engine is running.

    45 signatures

  19. Introduce Legislation to require local supermarkets to donate food to charities.

    43 signatures

  20. Increase tax rates for high earners and offshore investors

    34 signatures

  21. Ban single use plastic water bottles and have a weekly beach clean

    34 signatures

  22. Give Children's Commissioner legal entitlement to any information she needs

    17 signatures

  23. Any cruelty to animals should carry long sentences.

    15 signatures

  24. Make Green Street a one way road

    10 signatures

  25. Make all Government employees pay for parking.

    8 signatures

  26. Make it obligatory to have a bell attached to any bicycle using the cycle paths.

    6 signatures

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