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  1. Make fireworks with a ‘bang’ illegal in Jersey to prevent the stress of animals.

    2,404 signatures

  2. Make it possible to be able to recycle all recyclable plastic in Jersey

    292 signatures

  3. Change property transaction court date from Friday afternoon to mirror Guernsey

    284 signatures

  4. Provide funding for patients that need access to medicinal cannabis medication

    106 signatures

  5. Re-open the Parade entrance of the hospital.

    103 signatures

  6. There should be 0% GST on all food items

    93 signatures

  7. Development of a Padel Tennis Court in the West of the Island

    79 signatures

  8. Ban the sale and use of disposable BBQs in public spaces

    72 signatures

  9. A common rate of tax should be paid by everyone in Jersey.

    28 signatures

  10. Introduce Regulations in High Rise buildings to improve accessibility

    26 signatures

  11. Psychiatric facilities legally regulated and reviewed by an independent service

    22 signatures

  12. Provide a hostel for adults with special needs

    21 signatures

  13. The full cost of IVF treatment should be funded by the Government

    21 signatures

  14. Implement a series of rumble strips through St.Peter's Valley to reduce speeding

    17 signatures

  15. Introduce Homelessness Reduction legislation which follows the 2017 UK Act

    12 signatures

  16. Open a 4 x 4 Park

    10 signatures

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