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  1. Reverse the decision to add GST to all Amazon orders

    3,286 signatures

  2. Stop lowering speed limits

    1,828 signatures

  3. Government to subsidise the costs of childcare to enable women to return to work

    1,766 signatures

  4. Throw out plans to make lower St. John's road one-way northbound

    1,071 signatures

  5. End the disruption caused by the Teacher strikes by improving the pay deal

    745 signatures

  6. Increase interest tax relief to support mortgage payers

    655 signatures

  7. States Assembly to request a cease fire in Gaza

    627 signatures

  8. Reduce waiting lists for Neurodivergent conditions such as ADHD & Autism

    608 signatures

  9. Build an inclusive playground for children with additional needs.

    602 signatures

  10. Save Jersey Reds Rugby

    299 signatures

  11. Ban the use of petrol powered leaf blowers

    293 signatures

  12. Scrap 5 year work rule for the British, Irish, French, Portuguese and Polish.

    280 signatures

  13. END RENTAL POVERTY! Tenants Paying More Than 30% of Income in Rental Poverty.

    249 signatures

  14. Review the Revenue Jersey taxes office and its operations.

    236 signatures

  15. Make entering an unlocked home without permission a criminal offence.

    201 signatures

  16. Install lights on crossing from Victoria Avenue to entrance of Coronation Park

    197 signatures

  17. Allow licensed overnight camping at local beauty spots

    68 signatures

  18. Allow e-scooters on public roads, paths, and cycle paths

    67 signatures

  19. Return Mortgage Interest Relief back to the 2016 Value

    63 signatures

  20. Reduce the visibility and accessibility of vapes to children

    61 signatures

  21. Government to take action to stop HSBC Five Oaks closing

    44 signatures

  22. Make King Street and Queen Street smoke-free

    43 signatures

  23. Allow mothers to have 2 birthing partners in the General Hospital delivery suite

    40 signatures

  24. Extend Eco Friendly Parking Permits until 2030

    35 signatures

  25. Ban the use of real flowers on floats in the Battle of Flowers parade

    23 signatures

  26. Work with private healthcare providers to offer scans more quickly.

    18 signatures

  27. Bank Holiday to plant trees around the Island following Storm Ciarán

    6 signatures

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