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  1. Have a radiotherapy unit in the new hospital

    3,083 signatures

  2. Save the parking spaces in front of Le Marquand Brothers Ltd (Pets Paradise)

    2,091 signatures

  3. Repeal the Social Security (Overlapping of Benefits) (Jersey) Order 1975

    1,682 signatures

  4. Reinstate Samares Ward to its full complement of 28 beds and previous services.

    1,529 signatures

  5. Retain the 30 and 40 mph speed limits in force in St Helier on 1st October 2021

    736 signatures

  6. Remove landlords' unnecessary bans or restrictions on pet ownership.

    716 signatures

  7. Stop the roll-out of COVID vaccines to children under 18 years old

    665 signatures

  8. ACT NOW to repair Jersey Opera House to ensure it re-opens prior to Summer 2022.

    550 signatures

  9. Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public entirely.

    470 signatures

  10. Build tunnels and rope bridges for our wildlife

    376 signatures

  11. Legalise the use of e-scooters on all roads.

    356 signatures

  12. Let the people of Jersey have a say if they want Broad Street open or closed

    238 signatures

  13. Build another outdoor Basketball court in Jersey

    184 signatures

  14. Keep the Hearing Resource (HRC) in St Helier

    117 signatures

  15. Stop LPG/oil tankers mooring in St.Brelade's Bay and Bouley Bay

    105 signatures

  16. Help the public by subsidising online mental health therapy sessions

    92 signatures

  17. Put all States Members on a living wage in-line with the average person

    89 signatures

  18. An island deposit return scheme for glass, metal and plastic drink containers

    84 signatures

  19. Allow a section of L’Étacq to become a nudist beach.

    84 signatures

  20. Remove five years on the island as an employment requirement.

    69 signatures

  21. Jersey should adopt a 10% flat rate of tax and abolish the zero/10 arrangement

    59 signatures

  22. Make face mask wearing mandatory immediately

    46 signatures

  23. Make Vauxhall Street (St. Helier) 2 way for cyclists

    45 signatures

  24. Ban the selling of energy drinks to under 16s and make ID a legal requirement

    43 signatures

  25. Stop plans for individual taxation.

    41 signatures

  26. Provide a school bus route to Les Quennevais School from Rue Du Sud.

    31 signatures

  27. Do not remove “having recovered from Covid” as a valid exemption on travel.

    29 signatures

  28. To change the law on motorcycle age/test, and bringing in a DAS like in the UK

    23 signatures

  29. Allow the use of NEVs (Neighbourhood Electric Vehicles) on roads in Jersey

    14 signatures

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