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  1. Make states old age pensions exempt from tax

    1,766 signatures

  2. Increase sentencing for causing death by dangerous driving

    1,470 signatures

  3. Create dedicated dog-friendly beaches throughout the summer months

    938 signatures

  4. Free parking in town on Saturdays in all States operated car parks.

    916 signatures

  5. Make separate Christmas Lotteries for Jersey and Guernsey

    693 signatures

  6. Make Independent Taxation Optional

    608 signatures

  7. Revoke the one-way system on St John’s road

    543 signatures

  8. Delist St Saviour's Hospital & demolish building to make way for Health Village

    313 signatures

  9. Wear a Helmet – include skateboards, scooters & roller blades in bike helmet law

    278 signatures

  10. Impose sanctions on Israel

    247 signatures

  11. Mandatory DNA tests for dogs to trace owners responsible for poo littering

    225 signatures

  12. Reopen Hospital Pharmacy on Saturday Mornings

    223 signatures

  13. Make the first floor of Green Street car park 3hr parking for shoppers

    201 signatures

  14. Put a big screen and outdoor seating area in the Weighbridge for the Euros.

    195 signatures

  15. Allow residents of Jersey to play the UK National Lottery and Euromillions

    180 signatures

  16. Replace the zebra crossing between Liberation Square and Conway Street

    148 signatures

  17. We ask the schools to stop or limit online homework and to revert to textbooks.

    126 signatures

  18. Increase the number of childcare facilities for children aged zero upwards

    102 signatures

  19. Increase and improve the training for A&E doctors about ectopic pregnancy

    79 signatures

  20. Make electric scooters legal on the roads in Jersey

    77 signatures

  21. Install more water fountains on the island for clean drinking water

    76 signatures

  22. Abandon plans to build a memorial to victims of abuse

    66 signatures

  23. Create a Street Workout Park along Victoria Avenue

    56 signatures

  24. Create a calisthenic playground in the Millenium Town Park

    52 signatures

  25. Amend the Dogs (Jersey) Law 1961 to remove the need for an annual dog licence

    47 signatures

  26. Establishment of a Thermal Center at Fort Regent

    46 signatures

  27. Grant Housing and Working rights to children and grandchildren of Jersey people.

    32 signatures

  28. Build an indoor ski slope with an area for indoor skydiving with an air sim

    21 signatures

  29. Modify the Jersey Petitions signing process to be inclusive

    15 signatures

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