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  1. Put Jersey on a lockdown during the Coronavirus outbreak.

    6,039 signatures

  2. Emergency support for self employed business affected by coronavirus epidemic.

    5,865 signatures

  3. Reverse the decision to spend £200,000 on the child abuse memorial

    2,771 signatures

  4. Legalize, Decriminalize and regulate Cannabis for Islanders

    2,757 signatures

  5. Close School and colleges in Jersey during the outbreak of the COVID-19

    1,780 signatures

  6. Freeze personal tax until 2021 and move all onto 'pay as you earn'.

    1,536 signatures

  7. Say no to 5G

    1,347 signatures

  8. Extend winter beach times to allow dogs to be walked offlead all day in lockdown

    1,334 signatures

  9. Key workers to be paid 30% extra during Covid-19

    1,273 signatures

  10. Provide support for on going childcare payments during closures due to Covid-19

    1,258 signatures

  11. Ban all new plastic carrier bags from being given out or sold in Jersey

    1,198 signatures

  12. Adopt a strategy of COVID-19 elimination in Jersey with border controls/testing.

    1,121 signatures

  13. Include Vet practices on list to receive Gov. financial support during Pandemic

    882 signatures

  14. Furlough Proposal

    710 signatures

  15. Lower housing costs to more affordable prices

    456 signatures

  16. Establish an independent inquiry into the actions of the Planning Department.

    300 signatures

  17. Reverse the latest Level 3 exit strategy and put us on a more stringent lockdown

    298 signatures

  18. Show support for Masterapiece to continue to operate in Jersey.

    250 signatures

  19. Introduce a scheme of DNA sampling of dog poo to make the owner liable to a fine

    211 signatures

  20. The introduction of family friendly legislation should not be delayed.

    188 signatures

  21. Make Health publicly consider hyperbaric oxygen treatment for CoVID-19.

    174 signatures

  22. Reclassify tobacco so it is an illegal drug

    100 signatures

  23. Close Jersey’s borders to non-Jersey residents during the Covid 19 pandemic.

    91 signatures

  24. Change the law so pets can't be put down because of coronavirus.

    88 signatures

  25. Shops to open for 1st hour solely for the elderly and vulnerable

    81 signatures

  26. Release the Island from lockdown and keep only those majorly affected under wrap

    77 signatures

  27. Mandatory wearing of face masks in public places during COVID-19 outbreak

    55 signatures

  28. The States should ensure that Ministers respect States Complaint Board findings

    54 signatures

  29. Make Government review civil service pay levels rather than raise taxes

    51 signatures

  30. Test everyone for Coronavirus and stop all travel

    48 signatures

  31. We need a one off wealth tax on the islands many super rich individuals.

    47 signatures

  32. Allow weddings in a non-church setting with only witnesses during lockdown.

    39 signatures

  33. Review how Social Services operate and bring in procedures to protect parents

    33 signatures

  34. Call for a full Senatorial Election on July 29th 2020.

    29 signatures

  35. Ensure supermarket/ shops restrict the bulk buying of food during Covid-19

    29 signatures

  36. Do not put Jersey into a Corona Virus "lock-down"

    29 signatures

  37. Financial support for people under 25 who’ve lost their income due to Covid-19

    25 signatures

  38. £5,000 bonus for all the Health and Community Services workers in Jersey

    23 signatures

  39. Legislate for facemasks and antiviral hand sanitiser to be compulsory in shops.

    21 signatures

  40. Ensure travel consumers are refunded by local agencies from Covid-19 disruption.

    21 signatures

  41. Build and fund a Jersey indoor ski/snowboard slope.

    18 signatures

  42. Make it illegal for fossil fuelled (ICE) cars to park in an Electric Vehicle bay

    18 signatures

  43. Change the law so people can divorce without spouse consent after 1yr separated

    18 signatures

  44. Set up a permanent and isolated coronavirus drive through testing facility.

    17 signatures

  45. Save Co-Operative Medical Care (provide a rescue package to save jobs/patients)

    17 signatures

  46. Ban smoking in Jersey

    14 signatures

  47. Make Patriotic Street car park free to health care workers

    13 signatures

  48. Give all essential Island employees free parking during the C-19 virus outbreak

    8 signatures

  49. Ban fishermen landing female lobsters carrying eggs ("berried").

    7 signatures

  50. Change memorial to victims of abuse to one that depicts Jersey during COVID.

    7 signatures

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