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  1. Change the law to protect all vulnerable road users - Introduce Freddie’s Law

    3,732 signatures

  2. Open the pubs before Easter weekend

    2,798 signatures

  3. Stop the double taxation of the Jersey pension

    2,480 signatures

  4. Do not roll out Covid-19 vaccine passports in Jersey

    2,366 signatures

  5. Support a proposal to improve the unused recreational sporting area at FB Fields

    2,327 signatures

  6. Offer one-off grants for the worst affected industries due to forced closures.

    1,608 signatures

  7. Allow companions to Ante-natal Scans.

    1,455 signatures

  8. Teachers should be included in the first wave of the Covid-19 Vaccine Programme.

    1,319 signatures

  9. Allow Christmas Eve gatherings for communities that celebrate this holiday

    1,130 signatures

  10. Close schools as they are a breeding ground for covid.

    1,004 signatures

  11. Change the sex offenders register to start the day of release from prison.

    933 signatures

  12. Stop work and spending at Overdale hospital until Planning consent received

    897 signatures

  13. Stop urban sprawl - Save St Helier fields from the Island Plan

    590 signatures

  14. Change COVID-19 strategy to ‘Eliminate’ and allow Jersey to become COVID free

    546 signatures

  15. Pledge for every tree on the island that is felled, 2 more will be replanted

    532 signatures

  16. Provide free parking permits for parents of a baby that is on SCBU.

    487 signatures

  17. The full cost of IVF treatment should be funded by the Government

    475 signatures

  18. Review Cost of New Hospital at Overdale Versus Warwick Farm

    465 signatures

  19. Create covid 19 vaccine travel passports to ease travel restrictions.

    462 signatures

  20. Make the Sex Offenders Register available to the public.

    354 signatures

  21. Open the Library as an essential business

    303 signatures

  22. Protect the 18 Green Field sites identified in the Island Plan from development.

    299 signatures

  23. Commission a full independent and external enquiry into the Legal System

    259 signatures

  24. Allow the health and fitness industry to reopen at the start of January

    243 signatures

  25. Restrict the borders to essential travel only

    240 signatures

  26. Covid Test Centres to issue a negative test result document for travel purposes

    230 signatures

  27. Patriotic Street car park free for health workers until end of January 2021

    228 signatures

  28. Bring home Le Mont de la Ville Dolmen.

    208 signatures

  29. Increase number of students allowed to attend extra curricular activities.

    192 signatures

  30. Oppose the changes to Midvale Road on safety grounds.

    173 signatures

  31. Treat Toddler Playgroups the same as schools

    167 signatures

  32. Reopen Social Security and services in La Motte Street

    166 signatures

  33. Ban the sale of artificial grass, except for sports or mobility use

    161 signatures

  34. Save the Senator in any electoral reform

    147 signatures

  35. Allow Music and Dancing at the controlled wedding venues

    144 signatures

  36. Diversify power sources for the island to reduce reliance on a French connection

    133 signatures

  37. Increase Isolation Benefit for care home workers who have to self-isolate.

    109 signatures

  38. Introduce an option to sign ‘not in support' of a petition on petitions.gov.je

    101 signatures

  39. Fund a Work Out to Help Out scheme when gyms come out of lockdown.

    89 signatures

  40. Island wide lockdown

    89 signatures

  41. Ban single-use mini toiletries in the hospitality industry in Jersey

    74 signatures

  42. Name a ward in the new hospital celebrating the life of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

    63 signatures

  43. Reduce the speed limit in Corbiere from 40mph to 30mph

    60 signatures

  44. Name the new hospital after HRH Prince Philip.

    35 signatures

  45. Make reverse lights on trailers mandatory

    17 signatures

  46. Review the provision of youth clubs and young people attending them.

    15 signatures

  47. Make slander a criminal offence

    13 signatures

  48. Reduce the speed limit from 40mph to 20mph

    12 signatures

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