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  1. Put Jersey on a lockdown during the Coronavirus outbreak.

    6,048 signatures

  2. Emergency support for self employed business affected by coronavirus epidemic.

    5,876 signatures

  3. Write off income tax liability for prior year if moved to current year basis.

    5,774 signatures

  4. Make it law to stop ‘Hit and Run’ for Cats

    5,385 signatures

  5. Rental price caps law to limit rental prices to reasonable rents

    5,298 signatures

  6. Higher sentences for paedophiles.

    5,100 signatures

  7. Introduce an immediate reduction in road fuel duty

    5,078 signatures

  8. STOP the government extending car park charging hours from 8AM-5PM to 7AM-6PM.

    4,986 signatures

  9. Keep gyms open and enforce masks and 2-metre distancing for extra protection.

    4,433 signatures

  10. Break up from school a week earlier

    4,259 signatures

  11. Change the law to protect all vulnerable road users - Introduce Freddie’s Law

    3,737 signatures

  12. Support a proposal to improve the unused recreational sporting area at FB Fields

    3,473 signatures

  13. Have a radiotherapy unit in the new hospital

    3,449 signatures

  14. Reverse the decision to add GST to all Amazon orders

    3,296 signatures

  15. Legalize, Decriminalize and regulate Cannabis for Islanders

    3,021 signatures

  16. Reverse the decision to spend £200,000 on the child abuse memorial

    2,886 signatures

  17. Open the pubs before Easter weekend

    2,800 signatures

  18. Stop the double taxation of the Jersey pension

    2,743 signatures

  19. Cease paying income tax on Social Security pensions.

    2,705 signatures

  20. Make fireworks with a ‘bang’ illegal in Jersey to prevent the stress of animals.

    2,639 signatures

  21. Stop the removal of sports facilities from Fort Regent

    2,615 signatures

  22. Stop the de minimis level being reduced from £240 to £135

    2,597 signatures

  23. Do not roll out Covid-19 vaccine passports in Jersey

    2,524 signatures

  24. Follow Scotland and make period products free for all.

    2,231 signatures

  25. Save the parking spaces in front of Le Marquand Brothers Ltd (Pets Paradise)

    2,109 signatures

  26. Stop residential planning permission at Seaside Cafe, Greve de Lecq.

    2,076 signatures

  27. Independent inspection of all health facilities, including community care

    1,864 signatures

  28. Assisted Dying - allow individuals of capacity their own end of life choices

    1,861 signatures

  29. Government to subsidise the costs of childcare to enable women to return to work

    1,834 signatures

  30. Reconsider the childcare memorial.

    1,832 signatures

  31. Stop lowering speed limits

    1,830 signatures

  32. Introduce 20 hours free childcare for children from 9 months old.

    1,822 signatures

  33. Close School and colleges in Jersey during the outbreak of the COVID-19

    1,781 signatures

  34. Ban any fireworks for sale in Jersey unless they are low noise fireworks.

    1,742 signatures

  35. Repeal the Social Security (Overlapping of Benefits) (Jersey) Order 1975

    1,699 signatures

  36. Give us BACK our FREEDOMS. It is time to live with Covid-19 - time to MOVE ON !

    1,699 signatures

  37. Freeze personal tax until 2021 and move all onto 'pay as you earn'.

    1,673 signatures

  38. Preserve Jersey's Mail Plane: Sign Petition to Safeguard Our Future and Economy.

    1,665 signatures

  39. Offer one-off grants for the worst affected industries due to forced closures.

    1,608 signatures

  40. Ban the use of Round Up and all products containing glyphosate in the Island.

    1,588 signatures

  41. Reinstate Samares Ward to its full complement of 28 beds and previous services.

    1,561 signatures

  42. Have an allocated beach in Jersey where dogs can be off their leads all year.

    1,542 signatures

  43. Introduce a free ‘Aire’ French style camping system in Jersey for locals.

    1,526 signatures

  44. Only allow fireworks to be sold or supplied in Jersey for licensed displays

    1,521 signatures

  45. Reopen Broad Street to traffic

    1,506 signatures

  46. Allow companions to Ante-natal Scans.

    1,455 signatures

  47. Introduce the Island-wide mandate for all States politicians by 2026

    1,438 signatures

  48. Provide CGM devices and insulin pumps on prescription to all type 1 diabetics.

    1,411 signatures

  49. Say no to 5G

    1,361 signatures

  50. Provide compensation for Asbestos victims

    1,354 signatures

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