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  1. Rental price caps law to limit rental prices to reasonable rents

    5,298 signatures

  2. Assisted Dying - allow individuals of capacity their own end of life choices

    1,861 signatures

  3. Provide compensation for Asbestos victims

    1,354 signatures

  4. Ballot all hospital staff about the future use of the current site.

    1,304 signatures

  5. Remove cannabis from Schedule One & not just the States/MDAC approved products.

    1,056 signatures

  6. States of Jersey to re-instate the annual Christmas Bonus for All Pensioners.

    745 signatures

  7. Introduce mandatory prison sentences for anyone convicted of sexual abuse.

    554 signatures

  8. Horses and dogs off the lead to be allowed on St Aubins Bay all year round

    520 signatures

  9. 4 year work permits. Vetting for all before entry. Population Management.

    452 signatures

  10. Review the sentencing guidelines for child sex offenders

    173 signatures

  11. Provide resources for cochlear implanted children to be checked in Jersey

    126 signatures

  12. Provide more 4-section recycling units around the island.

    86 signatures

  13. Create a deep water berth and establish a 'day tourism' industry

    75 signatures

  14. Fix highest Public Servant salary at 5x average earnings.

    72 signatures

  15. Move the Battle of Flowers to a Sunday.

    57 signatures

  16. Turn old Les Quennevais School building into a non-fee paying 6th Form College.

    52 signatures

  17. Build bicycle rack at St. Brelade's Bay

    28 signatures

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