Petition STOP the government extending car park charging hours from 8AM-5PM to 7AM-6PM.

Parking is expensive enough as it is with the current hours of 8AM - 5PM. Now the government plan to extend these hours further by an extra 2 hours per day claiming that this is part of a major savings plan and will encourage people to use more sustainable modes of transport.

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The government SHOULD implement free forms of transport, helping Jersey be more eco-friendly. The government WON'T do this because too much money is generated from parking fees and fines.

£1,672,725 was generated in parking fines from 2016-2018 and the price per unit of parking has gone up 51.79% from 2008 (£0.56-£0.85)

This is not savings, but rather punishing/stealing from the working class and people that want to shop locally.

People who work 12 hour shifts, starting at 7:30 will have to pay an additional 2 hours per day for parking. This is punishing essential workers such as nurses!

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