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  1. Increase the minimum annual leave in Jersey to match the UK's.

  2. Reverse the decision by the constable & reinstate defib at co-op,charing cross.

  3. We want the defribullator reinstalled back at Charing Cross.

  4. Stop letting people make stupid petitions

  5. Make Electric Park stand by their refund policy and refund festival goers.

  6. Block the re-delevopment of St Brelades bay into luxury flats for the rich.

  7. Allow back office staff to wear shorts in hot weather

  8. Reinstate Deputy Southern as Assistant Social Security Minister

  9. Reverse the abuse of our heritage and return the accurate "States of Jersey"

  10. Review alternative sites for future hospital

  11. Ban products containing palm oil from being sold

  12. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public

  13. Establish beach areas where dogs can be allowed off the leash at all times.

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