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  1. Allow children to have MRI scans under general anaesthetic

  2. Extend Jersey's 3 mile exclusion zone to its full extent.

  3. Ban the unsolicited distribution of “The Rock” paper to homes on the island.

  4. Hold a new vote on whether to build Our hospital at Overdale or People’s Park.

  5. Increase the minimum wage alongside inflation every year

  6. Remove five years in the Island as an employment requirement.

  7. Vote of no confidence in the government

  8. Disclose ALL meeting minutes!

  9. Change the law on help for same sex couples. It's discrimination on us.

  10. Close all schools next A week early.

  11. Stop the 5 year residency required for qualified Vet Nurses from abroad!

  12. SAVE THE MAYFAIR HOTEL from demolition, that’s due to be turned into flats!

  13. Review the use of electric vehicles on the road and public land

  14. Legalise the use of electric scooters

  15. Look into increasing the use of renewable energy sources.

  16. Remove mask usage for Children and Teachers in Jersey schools

  17. Issue the vaccine passport asap so people can travel without isolation

  18. Roll out Covid-19 vaccine passports in Jersey

  19. Stop anti-vaxxers being able to teach children

  20. Make all unloading bays 24/7 to help delivery drivers in St. Helier


  22. Let fathers attend maternity appointments e.g ultrasounds and anti-natal clinics

  23. Change rules to allow safe visiting to care/residential homes immediately

  24. Medical Care for free Islanders paid social contributions and tax high enough

  25. Put law in place to stop hit and run. Especially when there is a child involved

  26. Close schools and protect students and staff

  27. keep schools shut until cases lower

  28. Stop nursing registration fee

  29. Doctors to start prescribing Ivermectin, Zinc and Doxycycline for Covid-19

  30. Remove John le fondre as chief minister due to incompetence

  31. Make polyamorous civil marriage legal for same sex or a mix of up to 7 people

  32. Remove under 55 age limit on obtaining social housing

  33. Allow Cafés & Restaurants trade at lunch time without offering alcohol

  34. Remove Chief Minister John Le Fondre from power

  35. Get the states to sponsor Dean Latimers Fortnite carer

  36. Reopen gyms with our previous level 3/4 guidelines, including 2 meter distancing

  37. Overturn the decision to closing gyms and indoor fitness centres

  38. Keep the gyms open with 2m distance

  39. Urge the Portuguese Consulate to renew expired passports for Jersey residents

  40. Sort out the tax office or Re open it

  41. Follow Scotland and make all period products available for free

  42. States of Jersey to immediately disclose Charlie Parker's contractual pay-out.

  43. Allow only the sale and use of silent fireworks in the Island.

  44. Control the sale and use of fireworks to public displays only or use silent ones

  45. To ban the sale of fireworks to the general public

  46. Remove Charlie Parker and John Le Fondre from governing Jersey!

  47. Remove Charlie Parker from his office as CEO of the States of Jersey.

  48. Remove Charlie Parker from his position as CEO of The Government of Jersey

  49. A review of the unduly lenient sentence given to James John Matthews

  50. Stop seagulls from making unnecessary noise before 6.30 am

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