Rejected petition Help Reg Langois keep his wonderful gardens open

Can we help Reg keep his wonderful gardens open. Can we give back to this kind man whom has given so much to the public and raised thousands of pounds for charity. Reg has worked tirelessly maintaining his gardens for the last 28 yrs, he is now 87 years old, can we help Reg to stay open?

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Its sad that someone felt inclined to send a letter to Reg 87yrs old, whom has raised tens of thousands for charity with his gardens over the years entirely for free. It’s effect has been clear as he has since expressed that he has decided to close the end of the year, this wonderful man opens his gardens free of charge every day with a lovely little cafe & lots to entertain the children. It's time to give back and help Reg keep his gardens open. Jersey wouldn't be Jersey without Reg's Gardens

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It’s not clear what the petition is asking Ministers or States Assembly to do.

Lack of response to queries in relation to the petition.

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