Rejected petition Ban the unsolicited distribution of “The Rock” paper to homes on the island.

"The Rock” paper is a collection of sensationalised propoganda and offensive ideas presenting itself as news. The second edition was thrown on driveways and delivered to people’s homes and is nothing more than littering, which has got to stop.

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Headlines such as “Climate emergency driven by faulty models and fake news”, “electric vehicles will save nothing but cost the earth” and “could vaccines cause mass infertility” are ridiculous and offensive, particularly to people who have been affected by Covid. Should the “paper” continue to print, it should be in an “opt in” basis only. Stop wasting precious resources and stop angering people who care about the planet, believe in science and respect health care professionals.

This petition was rejected

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s about something that Ministers or the States Assembly is not responsible for.

As explained in a separate e-mail, this e-petition cannot be made live because it would not be practically enforceable to stop the distribution of the publication.

We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards.