Rejected petition SAVE THE MAYFAIR HOTEL from demolition, that’s due to be turned into flats!

The Mayfair Hotel has been a hotspot for many tourists over the past 40 years, with their kind staff and great events, such as singers for the Portuguese community. Sadly the Mayfair is due to be demolished by the end of this year which would result in hundreds of redundant staff.

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The Mayfair Hotel holds many events that attract local and off island guests and have done so, for many years!

Many people like myself have agreed that this is not the way to go, and that the Mayfair Hotel should stand as it is. COVID 19 has shot down many local business but the Hospitality sector especially! We need to save our hotels including The Mayfair. Please sign this petition if you agree, to potentially save many redundant staff and their well-being.

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It’s not clear what the petition is asking Ministers or States Assembly to do.

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