Rejected petition Overhaul Animal Welfare (Jersey) Law. Animals are being mistreated. CHANGE IT

Too many animals are being mistreated, in particular, dogs. There are countless things being reported of owners hitting dogs, leaving them in gardens all day or in vehicles and not giving them what they need. Feeding them and giving them water is absolutely not the only need of a sentient being.

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it is 2023, much more is known now about sentient beings and our law should reflect that. Is is not ok to leave a dog in a car all day or a garden all day for example. It is not ok to keep cages full of cats to breed them. The JSPCA and the States Vet should be able to have the power, alongside the Police to remove animals from these situations. Animals need so much more than food, water and shelter. It is time to actually do something about this and help these poor animals have amazing lives.

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