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  1. Make states old age pensions exempt from tax

    Ministers responded – 3 July 2024

    Jersey has a world-leading tax threshold of £20,000 for single individuals. Anyone with income below that threshold does not pay a penny in income tax.

    4,537 signatures

  2. States Assembly to request a cease fire in Gaza

    Ministers responded – 31 May 2024

    On 27th February 2024 the States Assembly held a debate on a report and proposition entitled Ceasefire in Gaza (P.7/2024). The outcome was a vote 45-0 in favour of the proposition as amended.

    1,006 signatures

  3. Increase sentencing for causing death by dangerous driving

    Ministers responded – 3 April 2024

    The Minister for Home Affairs is acutely aware that offences of this nature can have a devastating impact on all who are affected, including victims, their families and the community more widely.

    1,485 signatures

  4. Throw out plans to make lower St. John's road one-way northbound

    Ministers responded – 15 November 2023

    This is only a three-month trial and is necessary to collect factual data on which decisions about future road safety improvements will be based.

    1,079 signatures

  5. Government to subsidise the costs of childcare to enable women to return to work

    Ministers responded – 30 October 2023

    Given the importance of early years in child development, a balanced approach is required to ensure that the best interests of the child are met in addition to the needs of parents and the economy.

    1,834 signatures

  6. Reverse the decision to add GST to all Amazon orders

    Ministers responded – 3 August 2023

    The GST Law already allows registered charities to reclaim all GST paid to any suppliers, incurred in the course and furtherance of their charitable aims.

    3,296 signatures

  7. Stop lowering speed limits

    Ministers responded – 31 July 2023

    Historically, Jersey’s speed limits have evolved on a reactive basis and have not always been applied coherently and consistently to roads of similar character.

    1,830 signatures

  8. Preserve Jersey's Mail Plane: Sign Petition to Safeguard Our Future and Economy.

    Ministers responded – 30 June 2023

    The withdrawal of Royal Mail’s mail plane would have almost no impact on inbound deliveries to the Island because, with the exception of special delivery items, these are already delivered by sea.

    1,665 signatures

  9. Introduce 20 hours free childcare for children from 9 months old.

    Ministers responded – 19 April 2023

    It is a Ministerial priority to ensure families have access to high quality early years education and childcare, to deliver the best outcomes for children in this critical time for child development.

    1,822 signatures

  10. Stop the removal of sports facilities from Fort Regent

    Ministers responded – 31 March 2023

    Sports are being relocated to more modern, more accessible, fit-for-purpose facilities in the community to modernise provision and enable Fort Regent to be redeveloped.

    2,615 signatures

  11. Make fireworks with a ‘bang’ illegal in Jersey to prevent the stress of animals.

    Ministers responded – 9 December 2022

    The Minister would like to see greater controls on the availability of fireworks and will bring proposals to that effect in the form of revised regulations during her term of office.

    2,639 signatures

  12. Give power to the JSPCA to be able to protect/remove abused animals.

    Ministers responded – 29 July 2022

    The JSPCA does not wish to have the powers suggested by the petitioner; such powers can already be exercised by the States Vet accompanied by police officers

    1,049 signatures

  13. Introduce an immediate reduction in road fuel duty

    Ministers responded – 10 May 2022

    The Minister does not support fuel duty reductions and believes that more targeted interventions will be more effective in reducing the impact of rising costs on lower-income households.

    5,078 signatures

  14. Introduce the Island-wide mandate for all States politicians by 2026

    Ministers responded – 13 April 2022

    This will be a matter for the next Privileges and Procedures Committee (PPC) and States Assembly to consider.

    1,438 signatures

  15. Independent inspection of all health facilities, including community care

    Ministers responded – 7 March 2022

    The Minister for Health and Social Services supports regulation and independent inspection of hospital services.

    1,864 signatures

  16. Have a radiotherapy unit in the new hospital

    Ministers responded – 9 December 2021

    “I have requested a full business case to consider the possibility of providing Radiotherapy on-island because I wish to bring this to Jersey if it is safe for patients and we can afford to do so.”

    3,449 signatures

  17. Reinstate Samares Ward to its full complement of 28 beds and previous services.

    Ministers responded – 6 December 2021

    Health and Community Services continues to provide a flexible and comprehensive stroke rehabilitation approach – one that is responsive to individual clinical need and good practice guidance.

    1,561 signatures

  18. Repeal the Social Security (Overlapping of Benefits) (Jersey) Order 1975

    Ministers responded – 26 November 2021

    The Minister acknowledges the vital role of carers and is planning extra support. The Order is key to the rules of Social Security scheme. The Minister is not prepared to consider its repeal.

    1,699 signatures

  19. Save the parking spaces in front of Le Marquand Brothers Ltd (Pets Paradise)

    Ministers responded – 28 September 2021

    Consultation is underway, including with Pets Paradise, and the team are working to find a solution for the business and its customers that maintains good access to the shop.

    2,109 signatures

  20. Stop work and spending at Overdale hospital until Planning consent received

    Ministers responded – 1 September 2021

    Detailed documentation is required so that a planning application can be submitted. Stopping work on the project would mean the necessary information could not be collected or provided to Planning.

    1,097 signatures

  21. Give us BACK our FREEDOMS. It is time to live with Covid-19 - time to MOVE ON !

    Ministers responded – 27 July 2021

    The Government of Jersey does not rely on only a single metric (such as case numbers) when making population level decisions on COVID-19.

    1,699 signatures

  22. Change the sex offenders register to start the day of release from prison.

    Ministers responded – 23 July 2021

    The Minister supports the principle of this petition, however the necessary legislative amendments require consultation with relevant parties and are unlikely to be achievable within this term.

    1,162 signatures

  23. Protect the 18 Green Field sites identified in the Island Plan from development.

    Ministers responded – 22 June 2021

    To help shape the Island Plan, islanders are encouraged to make representations about the draft bridging Island Plan, in writing, before 12 July 2021 at https://haveyoursay.gov.je/consult/islandplan/.

    372 signatures

  24. Stop urban sprawl - Save St Helier fields from the Island Plan

    Ministers responded – 22 June 2021

    To help shape the Island Plan, islanders are encouraged to make representations about the draft bridging Island Plan, in writing, before 12 July 2021 at https://haveyoursay.gov.je/consult/islandplan/.

    1,004 signatures

  25. Stop the double taxation of the Jersey pension

    Ministers responded – 3 June 2021

    Personal tax allowances exceed the maximum amount someone will receive for a Social Security pension. Making old age pensions tax exempt would not benefit the 50% of pensioners that do not pay tax.

    2,743 signatures

  26. Do not roll out Covid-19 vaccine passports in Jersey

    Ministers responded – 30 April 2021

    The Government is exploring a number of potential policy options for COVID Status Certification. Full consideration is being given to the ethical and legal implications as part of this process.

    2,524 signatures

  27. Open the pubs before Easter weekend

    Ministers responded – 9 April 2021

    From Good Friday 2 April, alcoholic drinks table service resumed, without the need for an accompanying meal.

    2,800 signatures

  28. Close schools as they are a breeding ground for covid.

    Ministers responded – 22 February 2021

    Covid related school closure by the Minister for Education must be necessary and proportionate, agreed by the Minister for Health and Social Services and supported by medical advice.

    1,004 signatures

  29. Support a proposal to improve the unused recreational sporting area at FB Fields

    Ministers responded – 17 February 2021

    The proposed lease of the site to a third-party business venture and the creation of five-a-side football pitches is considered a breach of conditions created when the land was gifted to the Public.

    3,473 signatures

  30. Change the law to protect all vulnerable road users - Introduce Freddie’s Law

    Ministers responded – 10 February 2021

    The built environment, legislation, education and publicity all contribute to improving road safety. The STP will include consideration for how new liability laws could encourage change .

    3,737 signatures

  31. Make St Brelade's Bay Jersey National Park with protected Tourist sites

    Ministers responded – 11 February 2021

    The current Island Plan Review affords an opportunity to improve the planning policy regime that will shape the future of St Brelade’s Bay and its role in the island’s tourism industry.

    1,175 signatures

  32. Offer one-off grants for the worst affected industries due to forced closures.

    Ministers responded – 15 February 2021

    A new financial support scheme was launched on 9th February to provide extra financial support for the worst affected businesses though a monthly lump sum payment or grant.

    1,608 signatures

  33. Teachers should be included in the first wave of the Covid-19 Vaccine Programme.

    Ministers responded – 8 February 2021

    Teachers in an at-risk category will be captured in the 1st wave of the COVID vaccination delivery schedule. Further prioritisation by occupation has not been recommended by the UK’s JCVI at present.

    1,319 signatures

  34. Allow companions to Ante-natal Scans.

    Ministers responded – 8 February 2021

    The importance of the support that partners and relatives can provide to pregnant women is recognised but this needs to be balanced against the need to keep women and staff safe from Covid.

    1,455 signatures

  35. Keep gyms open and enforce masks and 2-metre distancing for extra protection.

    Ministers responded – 19 January 2021

    Decisions about when to apply measures are based on the specific infection patterns observed. This targeted approach led to the difficult decision to temporarily close indoor sport and exercise venues

    4,433 signatures

  36. Reconsider the childcare memorial.

    Ministers responded – 5 January 2021

    Following my appointment as the new Minister for Children and Housing on 17 October 2020, I have committed to re-examine the proposed Jersey Care Memorial.

    1,832 signatures

  37. Allow Christmas Eve gatherings for communities that celebrate this holiday

    Ministers responded – 29 December 2020

    While an individual household can celebrate Christmas Eve, based on medical advice, and although difficult for many of us, different households should not gather. This will keep us all safer.

    1,130 signatures

  38. Break up from school a week earlier

    Ministers responded – 24 December 2020

    Many families are naturally concerned about Christmas, but the legal powers to close schools depend on the risk of spreading the virus and medical advice has not supported closure on these grounds.

    4,259 signatures

  39. Follow Scotland and make period products free for all.

    Ministers responded – 21 December 2020

    The Minister welcomes this petition and recognises that everybody should be able to access menstrual products, but cannot commit to following the approach taken in Scotland.

    2,231 signatures

  40. Stop residential planning permission at Seaside Cafe, Greve de Lecq.

    Ministers responded – 17 December 2020

    The Development Control team within IHE, at time of writing, have not received any recent planning applications for the site in question.

    2,076 signatures

  41. Ban any fireworks for sale in Jersey unless they are low noise fireworks.

    Ministers responded – 11 December 2020

    The Minister is unable to support this petition, but new fireworks Regulations will be brought in due course seeking to achieve a balanced approach to regulating the use of the noisiest fireworks.

    1,742 signatures

  42. Review the Law surrounding the Child Personal Care Benefit.

    Ministers responded – 23 November 2020

    Ministers will review support for children with serious medical conditions requiring feeding equipment. The CPC benefit provides fair assessment of personal care needs; there are no plans to review it

    1,168 signatures

  43. Remove People's Park, St. Andrew's Park & Millbrook site from hospital shortlist

    Ministers responded – 23 October 2020

    To remove People’s Park, St. Andrew’s Park and Millbrook sites from the Hospital Shortlist. The petition received 1,006 signatures which requires a Ministerial response.

    1,023 signatures

  44. Reopen Broad Street to traffic

    Ministers responded – 4 September 2020

    Broad Street will remain closed as long as there is health advice to support physical distancing in town.

    1,506 signatures

  45. Write off income tax liability for prior year if moved to current year basis.

    Ministers responded – 26 August 2020

    The Minister for Treasury and Resources does not support this petition and has made it clear that the Government is not in a position to write off the tax liability for 2019.

    5,774 signatures

  46. Emergency support for self employed business affected by coronavirus epidemic.

    Ministers responded – 2 April 2020

    "Support for Self-employed People" - Statement made by the Minister for Economic Development, Tourism, Sport and Culture.

    5,876 signatures

  47. Revoke the Bay of Granville Fishing Agreement

    Ministers responded – 5 August 2020

    The Bay of Granville Agreement establishes the fisheries management regime in the Normano-Breton Gulf. Ministers have agreed that some aspects need reviewing and that process is currently ongoing.

    1,231 signatures

  48. Adopt a strategy of COVID-19 elimination in Jersey with border controls/testing.

    Ministers responded – 31 July 2020

    Since this petition commenced, the States Assembly has adopted three propositions which set out the detail of the Government's Covid-19 strategy and border policy.

    1,166 signatures

  49. Stop the de minimis level being reduced from £240 to £135

    Ministers responded – 24 July 2020

    The Treasury & Resources Minister does not support this petition. She considers the planned reduction strikes the right balance between the competing needs of consumers and those of local retailers.

    2,597 signatures

  50. Keep Patriotic Street car park free for health workers after Lockdown

    Ministers responded – 16 July 2020

    Patriotic Street is needed as a public income generating carpark. The free use for health workers was only ever meant to be a temporary measure while the hospital was under pressure from Covid 19.

    1,224 signatures

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