Closed petition Stop residential planning permission at Seaside Cafe, Greve de Lecq.

The JEP reported the sale by the Lewis family of the Seaside café and car park at Greve de Lecq. This is a much loved & needed facility at this popular beach and the building of ANY residential units and loss of the car parking facilities would be a great loss to Jersey residents and tourists.

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It would be totally inappropriate to deprive everyone in Jersey from enjoying this beach, which would be the result if homes were built and the car parking spaces lost. The States, Jersey Heritage or similar should buy the site so that it can always be enjoyed by everyone and not the privileged few.

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Ministers responded

This response was given on 17 December 2020

The Development Control team within IHE, at time of writing, have not received any recent planning applications for the site in question.

The Minister for the Environment has been advised by the Development Control team of IHE as follows.

“The Development Control team within the Infrastructure, Housing and Environment (‘IHE) directorate have not yet received any recent planning applications for this site at Greve de Lecq. However, the team can confirm that a request for pre-application officer advice - a service which is available to all prospective applicants - has been received in relation to a development proposal here, which is currently being assessed. As with all such requests for advice, this advice is not binding, if a Planning application is lodged the proposal will be open to review and formal comment by members of the public.

"In seeking to assess any planning application, consideration is given to all the planning issues that are raised by a particular development proposal. The Island Plan is the principal document, approved by the States Assembly, which is used to assess development proposals in the Island. As defined within the plan, the site is located in the Coastal National Park, which is the most sensitive planning zone in Jersey, and where there is the highest level of protection from development.

"It must, however, be recognised that there is already a range of development at the Seaside Café site including a café, residential units, a listed Occupation bunker (MY0096), and a private car park. There are several policies within the Island Plan which will be relevant to an assessment of any development proposal at this site including those which provide for: the retention of existing employment uses.

"These issues, amongst others, including those which might be raised by members of the public, will be considered as part of any planning application, as and when any proposal to redevelop the site is received.

"Public access to the beach; and public parking facilities at Grève de Lecq are important and would need to remain unaffected by any proposal to develop the Seaside Café and to ensure Grève de Lecq remains accessible by bus (Route 9); bike (Route 1); and on foot.

"The issue of whether the public should acquire the site is a completely separate matter from the determination of any planning application.”

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