Closed petition Stop the removal of sports facilities from Fort Regent

New campaign group, Friends of Fort Regent, would like the States of Jersey to pause the removal of sports facilities from Fort Regent and review the decision to remove sports facilities from the Fort.

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We believe that these facilities are an essential part of the local community and that they play a critical role in promoting health, wellness, and physical fitness among people of all ages and abilities.

Please support our petition to keep Fort Regent as a sports and community centre for the people of Jersey.

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Ministers responded

This response was given on 31 March 2023

Sports are being relocated to more modern, more accessible, fit-for-purpose facilities in the community to modernise provision and enable Fort Regent to be redeveloped.

Sports are being relocated to more modern, more accessible, fit-for-purpose facilities in the community to modernise provision and enable Fort Regent to be redeveloped.

Detailed response

The relocation of sports facilities to keep islanders active has been underway for some three years. The delivery of new, modern, fit-for-the-future sports venues is the aim of the Inspiring Active Places strategy. This plan has been widely shared with current Fort Regent tenants and discussed and negotiated over an extended period. It was also informed by consultation with sports clubs and associations and islanders more generally.

The strategy recognises that Fort Regent as it currently stands is now beyond the end of its useful life from a sport perspective. The building is outdated and uneconomic to run. It is also acknowledged that, from a health and fitness perspective, Fort Regent’s location at which to improve the level of health and fitness activities of people living and working in St Helier or the wider island is a challenge. In addition, none of the spaces are designed specifically for fitness or health activities.

A range of sports and activities is accommodated at Fort Regent and the Government has been working to ensure the continuity of provision. Clubs and activities are being relocated to new, often specially-designed facilities elsewhere in the Government sport estate or in better locations in the community. This has been carefully timed so that moves only occur when new developments are open or via temporary facilities.

For example, when further new facilities come online,the mixed martial arts clubs will have access to state-of-the-art dojos at Oakfield sports centre and a new permanent gymnastics provision will also be available at this venue. The timescales for these sports leaving Fort Regent is directly linked to the completion of the construction of expanded facilities elsewhere, and they will continue to be able to use Fort Regent until new facilities are available.

For many years, sports that decided to move to Fort Regent were retro fitted into locations and spaces which today would not meet modern standards required, specifically building standards and the requirements of national governing bodies in terms the levels of activity or intensity being undertaken.

It is therefore right to be moving sport out of the Fort for the time being and to be making long overdue investment in sport to make improvements and provide new, fit-for-purpose facilities to meet the current and future demands of sporting islanders. The Government recognises that modern, accessible sports facilities are a vital component in improving the health and wellbeing of islanders. There may still be a place for sport at the Fort in the future in order to deliver on that.

To maximise the potential of the historic fort structure major refurbishment works are required. This is best achieved once the building has been vacated. It will then be a blank canvas for redevelopment. Ministers remain committed to agreeing a way forward for Fort Regent which makes use of the landmark building in future in a way that is realistic, affordable and sustainable.

Deputy Lucy Stephenson
Assistant Minister with responsibility for Sports Facilities