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There is no reason for the pubs to not be open. People are allowed to go to the gym and play indoor sports which, with all the heavy breathing and sweating, is more of an infection spreader than sitting in the pub having a pint!!

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Ministers responded

This response was given on 9 April 2021

From Good Friday 2 April, alcoholic drinks table service resumed, without the need for an accompanying meal.

This petition was submitted before the announcement by Ministers of the intention to accelerate the reconnection roadmap from Friday 2 April. This meant that pubs and nightclubs offering seated drinks service were able to open from Good Friday if they retained 2 metre distancing, limited table numbers to ten people and collected customer details for contact tracing. The 10pm earlier closing time was also removed, although the requirement to wear a mask if moving around inside the pub was retained.
This move, some ten days earlier than originally anticipated, followed advice from the Scientific and Technical Advisory Cell (STAC) which, following a review of the latest figures on active cases, the high level of testing and contract tracing, and the number of Islanders vaccinated, believed it safe to bring forward the relaxation of restrictions and permit further reconnection.
This reopening fits with the phased approach being adopted by Ministers. This is intended to safeguard the community and our successful vaccination programme, while also relaxing restrictions and allowing Islanders to resume more of their regular activities.
So long as the number of Covid cases continues to be controlled, the intention is to resume standing alcoholic drink services on Monday 10 May, while nightclubs will be able to fully reopen from Monday 14 June. However, a need for vigilance remains and Islanders need to play their part by adhering to the rules and upholding public health measures. None of us wishes to experience a resurgence in Covid activity, which threatens our return to normality.