Closed petition Give us BACK our FREEDOMS. It is time to live with Covid-19 - time to MOVE ON !

Stop the Covid-19 positive test numbers being the metric! How many people are in hospital? How many people actually showing any symptoms?
Double vaccinated but still have to isolate – why?
This approach has no END - we have to LIVE with this as we do many viruses! NO MORE RESTRICTIONS!

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No more executive powers! No more LAWS! We have done all that has been asked. We were told that we would protect the vulnerable - this has been done. We were told to get vaccinated - this has been done. The borders are open but our freedoms are still not returned. Time to STOP this time to live with it - MOVE on - this cannot continue!! We must make sure that NOW and this winter and next year this is not repeated!!

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Ministers responded

This response was given on 27 July 2021

The Government of Jersey does not rely on only a single metric (such as case numbers) when making population level decisions on COVID-19.

The Government of Jersey does not rely on only a single metric (such as case numbers) when making population level decisions on COVID-19. Instead a wide range of factors are considered including, but not restricted to, rates of hospitalisations and impact on critical businesses / industry with regard to levels of symptomatic cases amongst workforce, alongside expert guidance from local and international sources.

At the time of writing (26 July) there are:
• 15 people are in hospital positive with COVID-19
• 3,170 known active cases
o Of which 2,359 are symptomatic and 811 asymptomatic
• 12,337 known direct contacts of active cases.

Up to date data can be found on (*198q6jp*_ga*MTE2NTU2Mjk1NS4xNjI2NzY5NDQx*_ga_07GM08Q17P*MTYyNjc2OTQ0MS4xLjEuMTYyNjc2OTQ1OC4w)

While being double vaccinated reduces the risks of both being infected and passing the transmission onwards it does not eliminate these risks entirely. Due to individual health differences and other factors some of those who are double vaccinated will not have the same protection as others.

The Government of Jersey actively seeks to minimise all public health controls. They will only be imposed where it is deemed necessary to do so to reduce the impact of COVID-19 transmission. This includes, for example, the recent decision to remove isolation requirements for Direct Contacts from law.

At present few measures remain in place and much of the previous legislation has been relaxed into guidance.

The limited, remaining controls, apply to some of the highest risk activities, such as resumption of stand-up drinking and the full reopening of nightclubs. These activities, if resumed too quickly and prior to completion of vaccine roll-out could result in more harm to Islanders and businesses. Globally the COVID-19 pandemic continues to progress, and it is not yet at a stage (locally or globally) where it can be considered endemic. Vaccination and preventing transmission remain the key to reducing harm and returning to a true pre-COVID-19 normality when it is safe to do so.