Closed petition Turn old Les Quennevais School building into a non-fee paying 6th Form College.

Non-fee-paying students that want to continue post-GCSE without paying have 1 option: Hautlieu. The number of students increases every year, and parents who are financially stretched either have their child attend an overcrowded 6th Form at Hautlieu or struggle to afford fee-paying 6th Form colleges

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As the old Les Quennevais building is being made redundant with the new upcoming building, I think it is imperative that the States turn it into another non-fee-paying Sixth Form college. Hautlieu is a fantastic school, however, it has to take in too many students and is overcrowded, making it increasingly difficult for teachers to give individual support for students. With some holding prospects of going to university, some parents may not be able to fund both of these steps in their teenager's life - although the States encourage many students to go off to university. With a few modifications, I believe that the Les Quennevais building can serve as the foundation of a new generation's ambitions and bring educational and financial benefits to the island.

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