Closed petition States of Jersey to re-instate the annual Christmas Bonus for All Pensioners.

In October 2015 the Minister for Social Security lodged a proposition to close the annual Christmas Bonus for All Pensioners. The proposition was approved by the States Members.

This petition is to request the States for the annual Christmas Bonus to be re-instated for All Pensioners.

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In November 1948 the Late Senator Philip Le Feuvre OBE topped the poll on a platform to introduce Jersey's first Social Security Insurance Scheme. The Scheme had three core values:
Assist pensioners with a States Pension, care for the genuinely sick and disabled.

Most Pensioners live on a tight weekly budget, home owners or not, and the Christmas Bonus gave them some light relief for the Christmas period.

Let's return to core values and re-instate the Christmas Bonus for All Pensioners.

Christmas bonus is discussed in the States on 11/09/2018. Item 3.3:

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