Closed petition Ballot all hospital staff about the future use of the current site.

The Hospital Project Team are pushing ahead with plans to build the new Hospital on the Gloucester Street Site.
The opinion of our highly valued Hospital staff, surely a major consideration in the decision making process, has been omitted thus far. This error can easily be rectified. (see below)

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The Health Minister should ask the Hospital staff by secret ballot:
"Do you think that the new hospital should be built on the current site?”: ‘YES’ or ‘NO’.
If the answer by a significant majority is ‘NO’, then we ask the Health Minister to take a proposition to the States requesting them to use one of the alternative sites identified.
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Link to States discussion 11/09/2018 see sections 3.20, 4.13 and 6.1:

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Ministers responded

This response was given on 5 October 2018

The Hospital Policy Development Board has commissioned a survey to ask health staff for their views on the location of a new hospital, which is intended to promote engagement in line with the petition

Reflecting the petitioner’s request, the survey includes the question:

“Do you think the new hospital should be built:
- On the current site
- On a different site
- Not sure/undecided
- We don’t need a new Hospital”

In light of this, the Minister does not propose to duplicate the work of the Board by arranging a further survey in specific response to the petition.

The survey, prepared by an independent survey company, has been sent to all staff currently working for Health and Community Services via e-mail to their work address. Paper copies will be available for staff who wish to complete a hard copy of the survey. Responses will be completely confidential and staff members will not be identifiable.

It is important that the views of staff are heard and the Chief Minister, Minister for Health and Social Services, and Health and Community Services management are encouraging everyone to participate so that their views are known.
The results will be used by the Board in developing conclusions in its report to the Chief Minister at the end of October.

The survey is supported by the Minister for Health and Social Services, who is also on the Hospital Policy Development Board.

The Hospital Policy Development Board is conducting an assurance review of the evidence that supported the previous States Assembly’s decision to develop a new hospital on the existing site, Westaway Court and Kensington Place.

This response was received by the States Greffe on 5 October but was not published earlier due to administrative error.

Other parliamentary business

Engagement with hospital staff: questions by Deputy Higgins

Deputy Higgins tabled a question about engagement with hospital staff on the building of the new hospital, which was answered by the Minister for Health and Social Services on 11 September.

The Question was as follows:

Will the Minister advise members in detail of the nature of his Department’s engagement with hospital staff regarding the building of the new hospital on the existing site, including, but not restricted to, details of –

(a) the number and nature of any briefings on the proposals, including who was involved and the number of people participating;

(b) the number and nature of any meetings to discuss the minimisation of noise, dust, and vibrations, including details of who was involved; and

(c) any written consultation with staff and details of the response to that consultation?

The Answer (which is too long to include in this email) can be found here