Closed petition Scrap the idea to close the roads around liberation square permanently.

Stop making it harder for people to come in to town

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Ministers responded

This response was given on 15 June 2019

As already announced, the amended improvements to the Square will ensure that the road will not be permanently closed and traffic flow, particularly at peak times, is not impeded.

Next year will be an iconic year to mark our 75th anniversary of Liberation. We strongly believe that we should commemorate and celebrate this significant milestone and that this it is an exciting opportunity to leave a lasting legacy that creates a distinctive memory of our liberation that is grounded in local context, and builds on Jersey’s unique identity and rich heritage long into the future.
As Islanders are aware, plans for the joining of Liberation Square and Weighbridge Place were previously proposed.

Liberation square was built to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of our Liberation.
The design followed three themes – Liberation, Freedom, and Peace. The latter being symbolised by a compass rose in a mini amphitheatre which unfortunately is now buried under a couple of feet of gravel, due to its poor condition.

It’s well known that well-designed public realm and open spaces play a vital role in creating places that enrich local communities.

The Chief Minister and Deputy Kevin Lewis, the Minister for Infrastructure, have been listening to the Public’s feedback about the original proposed scheme, and in particular about the concerns of both the cost and the traffic impact of the proposals, which is why they both have decided to revisit the scheme to specifically address the public’s concerns.

They would like to give the public confidence that any future improvements to Liberation Square are being developed in the context of the wider vision for improving the quality and connectivity in St Helier.

Therefore, improvements to the Square, will ensure that the road is not permanently closed and traffic flow, particularly at peak times, is not impeded, while keeping costs significantly lower.

We are committed to create a space that can be better used for significant events, or during particular times in holiday periods, which will have a very real and long term benefit to this busy urban area.