Petition Introduce plant based plastic islandwide to reduce usage of single use plastic

50 percent of plastics wasted are 'single use plastics.' This means we consume the plastic product once, then dispose of it. We do this daily without realising. Examples of this would be the use of coffee cup lids, plastic bags, plastic pens & even food packaging.

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'Vegware' plastics are completely natural and made from plants / oils. This means the veg plastic can be decomposed and made back into soil. Plastics at the moment get thrown away and incinerated which causes air pollution. Some plastics take years to break down so end up left in the ocean. A new invention 'Garbage Guzzlers' digests food waste & outputs soil. If people started using 'Vegware' plastic, this machine would be able to decompose the 'Vegware' back into its original, natural form.

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