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Jersey’s schools are in a state of crisis because they will only be open for seven days during May as a result of the strikes. There is an ongoing dispute between The States Employment Board and the National Education Union. The SEB need to recognise how important the role of the teacher is.

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The National Education Union is leading the strikes. The Island’s teachers have been locked in a long-running pay dispute with the States Employment Board for months because they are unhappy at receiving below-inflation pay awards for 2018 and 2019.

Another teaching union, the NASUWT, is engaged in a programme of industrial action, with members refusing to cover classes for absent colleagues.

A total of 20 schools (10 primary schools and 10 secondary schools) are currently affected by the strikes.

The education minister has said that parents will not be reimbursed school fees or compensated for loss of earnings or child care costs because of the Island’s teachers going on strike this month. More importantly, Jersey's children are missing out on their education.

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