Closed petition Put Jersey on a lockdown during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Prevent any spread of the Coronavirus in our Island by only allowing in food, medical and other needed supplies until a vaccine or treatment has been created.
Do not allow the general public or anyone else into the Island, without quarantine, or staff wearing PPE removing any goods needed.

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Protect the people of this Island, by joining this petition.
Jersey is a very small island, therefore making it easier for any viruses to spread.

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The Petitions team decided not to debate this petition

Jersey entered 'lockdown' on 30 March so there was no need to debate the e-petition. However, the Assembly met on 2 April (online) to debate legislation to enforce the lockdown.

Ministers responded

This response was given on 8 April 2020

Jersey entered 'lockdown' on 30 March so there was no need to debate the e-petition. However, the Assembly met on 2 April (online) to debate legislation to enforce the lockdown.

I understand and share the concerns of the signatories of petition about the spread of coronavirus.

Jersey’s medical experts have made clear that Covid-19 cannot be stopped, but it can be slowed, and since this petition was launched, rapid and extraordinary changes have been introduced to how we live and work in Jersey to curtail the virus. The restrictions that these changes have placed on Islanders significantly limits civil liberties and have not been imposed lightly.

The Government is pursuing a contain, delay, shield strategy.


In order to contain Coronavirus where cases are proven or suspected, people with confirmed COVID-19 are required to isolate, along with their whole household. Our contact tracing team is then identifying people who may have been infected by confirmed cases, and they are also required to isolate. Further, since Friday 20 March, anyone arriving in Jersey has had to self-isolate for 14 days, regardless of where they began their journey or whether they are displaying symptoms.

Only essential workers not working in health or social care can, by exception, be exempt from this requirement to isolate and, where they are not required to isolate, these workers have been instructed to follow strict social distancing procedures.


Since 30 March, to delay the virus’ spread, all Islanders have been instructed to stay at home, in order to significantly reduce social contact. This instruction has had an enormous impact on every sector of our economy and community but staying at home whenever possible, and observing social distancing during brief necessary excursions from home (up to a maximum of two hours per day if required), is shown internationally to be the most important change we can make to limit the spread of COVID-19.


In parallel, we must take extra precautions to shield those people extremely vulnerable to COVID-19. That is why the Government has asked people with listed conditions to protect themselves by isolating themselves at home. These people have been individually contacted by their doctors. We have also issued strong guidance to those with a range of underlying conditions that make them somewhat more vulnerable to COVID-19, and those over 65, to practice strict social distancing.

All these measures will continue, and could be extended, until our medical experts confirm that it is safe for the restrictions to be lifted.

A vaccine may be created, but we cannot guarantee whether or when that will happen. Instead, our objective is slow the spread of the virus so that our health and care services can cope, and so protect the lives of every Jersey resident. We will take the most appropriate actions at the most appropriate time in order to achieve that.

We have not placed restrictions the kinds of goods being imported because it is not believed that it would have any impact on the spread of Coronavirus; if it did, then the measure would be introduced.

Essential workers must of course be protected. They are doing amazing work and we are grateful to every one of them. Guidance on the appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE) has been issued as well as guidance on how to minimise risk of infection across a range of different sectors and services. PPE provision is now also being centrally coordinated for all essential services in Jersey, to make sure the right equipment is available as needed.

The most important actions to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, however, lie with all Islanders. Cleaning hands, not touching your face, maintaining social distancing, and wearing a cloth mask outside the home are all valuable in slowing the spread, and I thank everyone who has done so, and will continue to do so in the coming weeks.

Thank you again, for your continued cooperation and understanding as we face this challenge. Please, stay home and save lives.