Rejected petition Stop comments on Jersey news articles on social media

Many people become victims of cyber attack when news articles are published. It also promotes widespread misinformation and can make people unnecessarily panic. It can also be difficult for people to read these comments if they are significantly involved in the incident in question.

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It can affect people immensely and many comments on news posts are factually incorrect. Comments can promote a platform for arguments which is unhelpful. In difficult situations it is important to remember to stay calm, listen to facts and advice that the government provides and continue to be kind to one and other.

This petition was rejected

Why was this petition rejected?

It’s not clear what the petition is asking Ministers or States Assembly to do.

We have sent you 2 e-mails asking for greater clarity. You are very welcome to revise the wording and resubmit.

We only reject petitions that don’t meet the petition standards.