Closed petition Close School and colleges in Jersey during the outbreak of the COVID-19

Close schools and colleges in order to prevent the spreading of the virus as these places have a large number of students gathering daily.

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Ministers responded

This response was given on 8 April 2020

The Minister decided to close Government provided schools and colleges from 23rd March 2020. Her decision, made on 18th March 2020, was based on medical advice presented at the Emergencies Council.

This petition started on 12th March and the Minister announced the closure of Government provided schools and colleges 6 days later, on 18th March. The closure took effect from Monday 23rd March. The decision to close was based on medical advice presented to the Minister and the Emergencies Council on 17th March.
The decision to close schools and colleges had to consider a range of factors such as critical worker status, vulnerable children, continued education offering outside of a school setting and the risks to mental and physical health, balanced with the need to suppress transmission of Covid-19.
A decision such as this is not one to be taken lightly by any Minister for Education and can only be determined when there is clear medical evidence to do so, with no alternative to keep them open.
As soon as the Minister was advised by the Medical Officer of Health that schools, colleges should be closed, she acted upon the advice and announced the closures.
The Minister will continue to receive and act upon the medical advice and will maintain the closures as long as it is necessary to do so.