Rejected petition A public vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the handling of Coronavirus.

Jersey is a small community with limited resources and a very limited global experience in times such as these.

Just following what everyone else has done on the same timescales, is not working globally and won't work here.

Be BOLD, make touch decisions, get ahead of this, we will support you.

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Government of Jersey, we want you to act.

We want you to make touch decisions, put any people arriving in the island into hotels and force a 14 day quarantine if that what it takes. Fine people on the spot for not social distancing, make one store only available for health and emergency staff or whatever is needed.

Think outside the box, let's get on the map for being the community that not only flattened the curve, but inverted it.

Make some tough decisions, be different, LEAD don't follow.

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