Closed petition Make Patriotic Street car park free to health care workers

Patriotic Street car park should be free of charge to health care workers to park whilst on duty during this challenging time.

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Health care workers should not have to worry about parking and charges whilst working long hours trying to plan and save Islanders lives. Support them by signing this petition

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Statement by the Minister for Infrastructure - 27th March 2020

On 27th March 2020, the Minister for Infrastructure made a statement to the States Assembly:

"I am pleased to announce that Hospital workers, police officers, and volunteers are being given permits to enable them to park free of charge.

We are issuing more than 650 parking permits so that staff at the Hospital, States of Jersey Police, and Salvation Army are able to park close to their work, and from Saturday 28th March, parking will restricted for the public, particularly in Patriotic Street Car Park.

I have done this because Jersey’s frontline workers and volunteers are key to our management of Covid-19, and these parking permits will make it a little easier for them. We are all grateful for the long shifts and challenging work that they undertake and I think Islanders will welcome the provision of this support.

A total of 500 permits will be issued to all Hospital staff, including maintenance teams, so that they can access Patriotic Street carpark of charge and, while the visitors’ parking and ground floor disabled parking will remain open for all users, from 8am on Saturday 28th March, the rest of Patriotic Street car park will be reserved solely for Hospital workers.

As I speak Infrastructure personnel are erecting signage to guide the public to new parking areas.

The move will mean that health workers who park at Patriotic Street will be segregated from the public, thereby reducing the risk of infection.

A further 150 permits for Green Street car park are being issued to police officers, who are required to take their personal protective equipment home daily in case they need to respond to a call from home.

The Salvation Army, which has set up a food bank in Minden Place, has also received seven permits for its volunteers"