Closed petition Key workers to be paid 30% extra during Covid-19

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This response was given on 14 May 2020

The Government recognises the significant contribution of public service workers. However, we are not in agreement that public service workers should receive a 30% uplift at this time.

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The Government planning and response to COVID-19 has been a considerable effort. Many public servants, along with partners in the private sector and community organisations have contributed to putting the Island in a good place to respond to COVID-19.

These are unprecedented times. The potential severity of the public health emergency, and the economic implications of the Government’s response to protect the health of Islanders, is placing a considerable and significant burden on public finances. Many Islanders face economic uncertainty, and businesses are under strain.

Wherever possible, businesses that may otherwise fail are being financially supported so that people have jobs to go back to as the public health situation improves. Individuals who are not able to work are being supported financially through the furlough scheme and through social security and other benefits. At the same time, Government revenues have declined.

No employee of the States Employment Board (SEB) or the Government of Jersey has been furloughed or made redundant. The Government is doing all it can to protect essential services for Islanders and is working hard to maintain employment levels in the face of fast-moving events.

At the same time, we recognise that key workers come from all sectors, in support of the Government response. It would be unequal to treat public service employees different to those from other sectors, particularly when so many in the private sector face an uncertain future.

In these circumstances it is neither sensible nor sustainable to place further burden on taxpayers’ money by agreeing arbitrary pay rises for employees.
We know that our employees are proud to work for the public services, and we are proud of them.

SEB and the wider Government, alongside officials, warmly appreciate the work being done by a whole range of employees who are going the extra mile to support our island through this emergency, whether in front-line roles or supporting others to carry out critical work.

Response by the Chief Minister