Closed petition Keep our borders closed to visitors from the UK Mainland and France.

The States should keep our borders closed until virus transmission from the UK and France doesn’t pose such a risk. Travelling to and from the island should be restricted for medical reasons only.

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The UK has 150,000 active cases and up to 1,500 new cases a day. France has nearly 92,000 active cases. To open our borders will increase the risk to a second wave of Covid 19, which would be detrimental to our care homes and people with health conditions, as well as our key workers. A form from a UK GP saying said visitor was clear four days before they travelled does not necessarily make them safe. They travel via bus train planes boats and we can’t be certain they are virus free.

Let our kids finish school. Keep our care homes free from the virus.

If a busload of passengers from Tenerife couldn’t stick to the self-isolation rules, will it be possible to enforce a 7 or 14 day isolation rule for other groups? Let’s keep our borders closed.

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