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Broad Street was closed to traffic supposedly to help with social distancing (the rules of which have now been relaxed, and are expected to be relaxed further imminently).
The road is largely unused by pedestrians and being closed is affecting retailers and shoppers alike.

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The road is not being used as al fresco seating areas for the restaurants located on that road.
Disabled bays have been moved to Dumaresq Street meaning those with disabilities are having to walk much further to access essential amenities such as the Post Office.
Access to shops around Charing Cross is hindered by the route of one way roads to get there. Regular parking spaces on Dumaresq Street have been lost to accommodate the replacement disabled parking spaces although they are generally empty anyway due to a combination of being too far for people with disabilities to walk, and too difficult to reach by car.

Please reopen Broad Street!

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Ministers responded

This response was given on 4 September 2020

Broad Street will remain closed as long as there is health advice to support physical distancing in town.

Ministers have received advice from the Medical Officer for Health and been asked to support infrastructure measures to help pedestrians in the town centre to adhere to current guidance and maintain at least 1 metre physical distancing, with 2 metres wherever possible.

We have also been advised that over the coming weeks and months, there is a potential for escalating COVID-19 challenges for the Island. These may require the more stringent application of physical distancing measures if we are to maintain as much as possible of our normal ways of life, including visiting the town centre.

Therefore, as I previously stated, Broad Street has been closed to support physical distancing, by creating additional street space as this is one of the busiest areas and to reduce crowding pressure on the formal crossing points and provide an alternative walking route. It is accepted that while not everyone will avail themselves of this opportunity, some sections of the community are more sensitive to the requirement to physical distance than others and this is an important measure give confidence to their use of Town.

Beyond this further work is being undertaken, to see if increased disabled parking can be offered temporarily nearby.

The measures and arrangements for Broad Street will continue to be kept under review. To better understand the public’s attitudes to the benefits of closing this road for physical distancing during the pandemic, I have asked my Department to arrange for some research into Islanders' views.

Back in March and April with the Covid-19 Safe Exit Strategy unfolding, there was not the time for a full formal consultation. However, I would like to be clear to counter any rumour, when it is proposed to change the use of a street permanently, I would always instigate a full and fair consultation process that seeks to balance views and needs of all stakeholders.

The Minister for Infrastructure