Closed petition Make it compulsory for all cyclists to wear cycle helmets on Jersey's roads

Presently the law requires under 14s to wear helmets when riding a bike in Jersey but makes it optional for others, including older children. Cycling is a popular sport and recreational activity locally and we should be promoting not own road safety but setting an example for the younger generation.

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In 2016, a study of over 65,000 cases found compelling evidence that wearing a cycle helmet reduces risk of serious head injury by almost 70% and fatal head injury by 65, with further study, as recent as 2019, suggesting that there is a significant correlation between use of cycle helmets and reduction in adjusted mortality and morbidity associated with TBI and facial injury. Jersey’s roads are unique, and last year there were over 100 reported RTCs a month, with serous and fatal collisions higher per capita than mainland UK.

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