Closed petition Remove People's Park, St. Andrew's Park & Millbrook site from hospital shortlist

Our Hospital project team has given a shortlist of 5 potential sites for our new hospital. The site selection process was flawed and incorrect or misleading measurements were applied and not challenged. This is unacceptable. We need a site that will deliver the hospital on one site as promised.

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Our Chief Minister promised us a hospital with everything on one site and with plenty of room for future growth. The inclusion of People's Park, St. Andrew's Park and Millbrook Playing Fields on the shortlist is unacceptable as none of them would be capable of delivering this.

The hospital must be on a site large enough for all services without any compromises and with plenty of room for onsite parking and staff accommodation. We should not be entertaining remote locations again.

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Ministers responded

This response was given on 23 October 2020

To remove People’s Park, St. Andrew’s Park and Millbrook sites from the Hospital Shortlist. The petition received 1,006 signatures which requires a Ministerial response.

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The hospital sites shortlist announced on 13 July included five options:

• Fields to the north of Five Oaks
• Millbrook Playing Fields and fields to the north
• Overdale and nearby fields
• People’s Park and additional nearby site
• St Andrew’s Park, First Tower

Detailed technical assessments were then carried out on the five shortlisted sites, which resulted in a decision to continue assessments on only Overdale and People’s Park. Therefore, the People’s Park, St. Andrew’s Park and Millbrook sites have been removed from the shortlist and are no longer being considered.

In the States Assembly on 6 October 2020, the Deputy Chief Minister Senator Lyndon Farnham, in his capacity as Chair of the Our Hospital Political Oversight Group, announced that the preferred site was Overdale. The full statement can be read here. This proposal is due to be considered by the States Assembly on Tuesday 17 November and is set out in P.123/2020, which also contains the full site selection report.

If approved, a hospital at Overdale will be set in an elevated, peaceful location and natural environment, close to town, with incredible sea views, offering individual recovery rooms alongside state-of-the-art and flexible, modern medical facilities and technology. The patient experience will be paramount, and the new facilities will assist in retaining our dedicated and professional workforce as well as continuing to attract the very best healthcare professionals.