Closed petition Tougher penalties for anti-social behaviour in the under 15's (12+ years)

Teenagers under 15 years are treated as kids, but some are behaving very badly. There is an increasing problem with litter, vandalism, alcohol and drugs among younger age groups and penalties aren't tough enough.

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Kids can't be jailed, but under 15's should still be held responsible for anti-social behaviour. This could include community service penalties, but those which give them a chance to use their energy positively - for example, helping in the animal shelter, gardening, supporting and assisting elderly people etc.

There are also many ideas for youth justice we could use from other countries - one example is "Teen Court" which is an opportunity for teens to avoid the formal court system while also being held accountable for their actions.

I am asking the States to ensure that young people from 12 years old are held accountable for anti-social behaviour and have the opportunity to participate in a wider range of community service penalties if appropriate.

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