Closed petition Reduce the number of signatures required on a petition for a response or debate.

Looking at the number of signatures required for a petition to receive a response or to be debated, I found the value to be astronomically high, unrealistic and in most cases unobtainable. I would like to see this reduced to bring more petitions which people strongly believe in brought to debate.

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Jersey/UK comparison.

Jersey 2019 population = 107,800
UK 2019 population = 66,796,800

UK population is approximately 619.63x larger.

Jersey response = 1000
1 in every 107.8 people

Jersey debate = 5000
1 in every 21.6people

UK response = 10,000
1 in every 6679.7 people

UK debate = 100,000
1 in every 668 people

With equivalent populations Jersey would require 619,630 signatures for a response or 3,098,150 for a debate. Or in other words we need 31x the amount of signatures.

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