Petition Review the Law surrounding the Child Personal Care Benefit.

This benefit is to support families whose child needs a high level of personal care. The current format for assessment focuses on the child's physical ability, meaning that a child with complex medical needs who requires a lot of care and support is not currently eligible.

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The way that Child Personal Care Benefit is assessed and awarded is discriminatory, and the rules need to be reviewed and rewritten. For example, the assessment form includes questions such as "Can your child spoon feed themselves?" This doesn’t take into consideration the different ways a child with complex medical needs feeds when they’re not able to eat to obtain sufficient nutrition to survive and thrive.

Furthermore in Jersey, when a child turns 6 years old, parents or carers are required to pay for the child's medical feeding equipment (prescribed milk, giving sets, the containers the milk is put into to, any additional supplements) - all of which are required because of the child's medical requirements.

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