Closed petition Debate the Chief Executive’s accountability to the people of Jersey

The role and responsibilities of the Chief Executive of the Government of Jersey are not understood by the people of Jersey. This should be debated by the States Assembly.

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The Chief Minister needs to set clear objective KPIs with input from the States Employment Board (SEB) and the publicly elected representatives of Jersey.
It has recently been reported that the CEO has a second role as a non-executive director of a Real Estate Investment Trust with a registered office in Jersey. This appears to be a clear conflict of interest given the autonomy of the CEO’s position to allocate resources and appoint consultants and external agencies as and when deemed necessary.
The Chief Minister acknowledged in his statement on 2nd November that the NED role is “not compatible” with the existing duties of the CEO role so this petition calls for the Chief Minister to publicly communicate the consequences of this assessment of the CEO’s NED role.

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