Rejected petition Sort out the tax office or Re open it

Received letter stating owed in excess of £ 2000 on PAYG 2018 bill , rate increased from 14 % to 21 % even though gone down to 1 income.
Tried on 3 occasions to phone , on the phone for 3 hours. No answer. No response to emails.

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2 days ago I received a lengthy letter from Revenue Jersey the bottom line of which read "...people who pay their tax in two payments on not need to pay the balance of their 2019 bill in November...."

Today I received another lengthy letter from Revenue Jersey which states "if your tax is not paid in full by the 30/11/2020 then you may be charged a 10% surcharge for late payment"

I wish I knew whatis going on and what I am supposed to do.
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