Closed petition Change COVID-19 strategy to ‘Eliminate’ and allow Jersey to become COVID free

Being an Island gives us an ideal platform to implement an Elimination strategy and now is the time. The cases have been steadily decreasing and the vaccination process is in place. GOJ - it's time to save the livelihoods of so many struggling businesses and let our Island thrive again!

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By the time summer comes, we all can enjoy a pre-COVID lifestyle and our economy can recover. It will take a minimum of 12 months for the rest of the world to get vaccinated. Jersey has its opportunity NOW to get ahead and return our lives back to normal. None of us want another year of going in and out of lockdowns, with businesses and schools opening and closing.
We’ve seen this pattern of the current strategy for the last 10 months, with cases going down and then rising again. We need to act now!

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