Petition Stop urban sprawl - Save St Helier fields from the Island Plan

Save the St Helier’s fields that have been earmarked for housing in the Island Plan. They are deemed strategically highly important for dairy farming. Jersey cows that Jersey is famous for are losing yet another space. Buzzards roost in the oak trees. Other wildlife and biodiversity will be lost.

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There is enough traffic in the Mont a L’Abbe area already. These proposed houses, new hospital at Overdale plus 51 new flats at Westhill Hotel will make Queens Road even more congested. It is gridlock at times already. Route du Mont a L’Abbe is single lane, used by walkers and could become dangerous with constant car-flow.
Why build on organic, green fields when there are other sites available? Environment and mental health will be affected.
Once these green spaces have gone they can never be returned and the sprawl will continue to grow.

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