Closed petition Bring home Le Mont de la Ville Dolmen.

With the proposed new developments to Fort Regent, now is the perfect time for the Government to approach the UK and the now owner of this sacred Jersey dolmen and work with them to bring it back to the island and reinstate it on top of Le Mont de la Ville, where it so rightfully belongs.

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This megalithic monument was discovered in 1785 when part of Le Mont de la Ville was levelled to make way for a parade ground. It was given to the retiring governor, Field-Marshal Henry Seymour Conway, who placed it in the grounds of his property in Henley-on-Thames in 1787.
The Political Oversight Group of Fort Regent has pre-feasibility funding for ‘Botanical Gardens and Heritage’, which this would fall under, adding further tourist attraction and economic benefits to the proposed plans.

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