Petition Make Vauxhall Street (St. Helier) 2 way for cyclists

I cycle to work on a daily basis, and at present there are very few safe routes avoiding main roads from the North East of the island (Five Oaks, St Saviour, Maufant, Le Boulivot and Gorey as examples) - Wellington Road or St Saviours Hill are the only road routes feasible.

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Whilst I accept this is unavoidable, I can then avoid other major roads by going past the Grand Marche to join Gas Place (pedestrianised and cycle friendly). I then transit up the one way Nelson Street and then I have to dismount and walk the bike down the road to join Val Plaisant. The road is very quiet in terms of traffic, and I therefore put forward the proposal that it could be made 2 way for cyclists.

An example of a similar 2 way cycle road is Oxford Road to join Stopford Road, which is much more heavily used by cars during rush hour.

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