Closed petition Keep the Hearing Resource (HRC) in St Helier

The Hearing Resource Centre services improve the quality of life of Islanders and reduce the health burden elsewhere. It is an accessible service in St Helier. It was privately funded in 1995 via extensive dDeaf Community fundraising and support from Citibank. It needs to stay in St Helier.

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There are approximately 6,000 regular HRC clients and 1100 new people per year would benefit from hearing equipment/support [FOI “Number of people with hearing loss”]. If services are not easily accessible to all Islanders then the physical and mental health of some people will suffer. A forced move of the HRC to Les Quennevais is imminent (and with fewer rooms) because of the new Hospital Project. The majority of users want an HRC building to stay in St Helier (dDPB survey).

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