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  1. Financial support for people under 25 who’ve lost their income due to Covid-19

    27 signatures

  2. COVID 19 - Amend Level 2 of Jersey’s Safe Exit Plan

    24 signatures

  3. £5,000 bonus for all the Health and Community Services workers in Jersey

    23 signatures

  4. Build and fund a Jersey indoor ski/snowboard slope.

    22 signatures

  5. Ensure travel consumers are refunded by local agencies from Covid-19 disruption.

    21 signatures

  6. Make it illegal for fossil fuelled (ICE) cars to park in an Electric Vehicle bay

    19 signatures

  7. Change the law so people can divorce without spouse consent after 1yr separated

    18 signatures

  8. Organise physical police presence at the recently littered "hot spots".

    17 signatures

  9. Set up a permanent and isolated coronavirus drive through testing facility.

    17 signatures

  10. Save Co-Operative Medical Care (provide a rescue package to save jobs/patients)

    17 signatures

  11. Ban smoking in Jersey

    16 signatures

  12. Allow Covid-19 Antibody test to be given to anyone who wishes to have the test

    15 signatures

  13. Ban fishermen landing female lobsters carrying eggs ("berried").

    11 signatures

  14. Allow Weekender to take place if Covid-19 has been eradicated from the island

    8 signatures

  15. Speed bumps (both ways) on Rue du Pont Marquet at the railway crossing.

    8 signatures

  16. Give all essential Island employees free parking during the C-19 virus outbreak

    8 signatures

  17. Reopen all States offices for face to face business

    7 signatures

  18. Change memorial to victims of abuse to one that depicts Jersey during COVID.

    7 signatures

  19. Let's STOP delivering non essential post, e.g. flyers, bank statements etc!

    7 signatures

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