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  1. Request Ports of Jersey to review decision to terminate lease on Sailors' Rest

    65 signatures

  2. We would like to request a complete independent review of children's services.

    60 signatures, now closed

  3. Stop States Members' free parking permits to combat congestion.

    58 signatures

  4. To allow young transgender adults under the age of 18 to start hormone therapy.

    58 signatures, now closed

  5. Move the Battle of Flowers to a Sunday.

    57 signatures, now closed

  6. Jersey to follow UN & World Health Organisation directives & decriminalise drugs


  7. Turn old Les Quennevais School building into a non-fee paying 6th Form College.

    52 signatures, now closed

  8. To list Irlens as a disability and provide benefits for testing and glasses.

    47 signatures, now closed

  9. Focus on building affordable homes for people living/working in Jersey

    47 signatures, now closed

  10. Work alongside banks to provide 95%-100% mortgages to first-time buyers

    42 signatures, now closed

  11. Create and Open a Japanese style Dog Park at a suitable location in Jersey

    41 signatures

  12. Revise the junction of Route du Fort and St Clement's Road

    32 signatures

  13. Make Scoliosis Screening Mandatory For Children With The Condition In The Family

    31 signatures, now closed

  14. Re-debate and get public opinion before finalising implementation of 5G

    29 signatures

  15. Ban smoking outside of designated smoking areas on Jersey’s most popular beaches

    28 signatures

  16. Build bicycle rack at St. Brelade's Bay

    28 signatures, now closed

  17. Erect a statue, bust or plaque to commemorate Marx and Engels' time in Jersey

    25 signatures

  18. Introduce carbon tax to subsidize various renewable and clean energy initiatives

    24 signatures, now closed

  19. Harder sentences for convicted sexual abusers and groomers.

    21 signatures, now closed

  20. Make it law for horse riders to wear a hi-vis tabard and hat band.

    16 signatures, now closed

  21. Give Children's Commissioner legal entitlement to any information she needs

    15 signatures

  22. Ban products containing palm oil from being sold


  23. Make Andium shortlist for First Time Buyers more transparent and visible.

    13 signatures

  24. Stop employers removing staff over pension age from pension/insurance schemes

    9 signatures

  25. Zebra crossing at Trinity Hill just before the entrance to the private drive.

    7 signatures

  26. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public


  27. Review alternative sites for future hospital


  28. Establish beach areas where dogs can be allowed off the leash at all times.


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