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  1. Revoke the Bay of Granville Fishing Agreement

    1,231 signatures

  2. Keep Patriotic Street car park free for health workers after Lockdown

    1,224 signatures

  3. Ban all new plastic carrier bags from being given out or sold in Jersey

    1,213 signatures

  4. Introduce plant based plastic islandwide to reduce usage of single use plastic

    1,211 signatures

  5. Make Monday 11 May, 2020, a public holiday to fully celebrate Liberation 75.

    1,179 signatures

  6. Make St Brelade's Bay Jersey National Park with protected Tourist sites

    1,175 signatures

  7. Review the Law surrounding the Child Personal Care Benefit.

    1,168 signatures

  8. Adopt a strategy of COVID-19 elimination in Jersey with border controls/testing.

    1,166 signatures

  9. Change the sex offenders register to start the day of release from prison.

    1,162 signatures

  10. Scrap the idea to close the roads around liberation square permanently.

    1,139 signatures

  11. Allow Christmas Eve gatherings for communities that celebrate this holiday

    1,130 signatures

  12. Demand for a full investigation into the safety of a 5G network in Jersey.

    1,116 signatures

  13. Stop work and spending at Overdale hospital until Planning consent received

    1,097 signatures

  14. Lower the age for a smear test from 25 to 18 to prevent cervical cancer.

    1,075 signatures

  15. Remove cannabis from Schedule One & not just the States/MDAC approved products.

    1,056 signatures

  16. Remove People's Park, St. Andrew's Park & Millbrook site from hospital shortlist

    1,023 signatures

  17. Stop urban sprawl - Save St Helier fields from the Island Plan

    1,004 signatures

  18. Close schools as they are a breeding ground for covid.

    1,004 signatures

  19. Stop reducing speed limits to 20mph as the only solution to improve road safety!

    987 signatures

  20. Include Vet practices on list to receive Gov. financial support during Pandemic

    893 signatures

  21. Put St Saviour’s Hospital and Warwick Farm on the new hospital shortlist.

    879 signatures

  22. To ensure the Island is not left without a Movie Theatre / Cinema !

    812 signatures

  23. Retain the 30 and 40 mph speed limits in force in St Helier on 1st October 2021

    781 signatures

  24. Review alternative hospital sites

    754 signatures

  25. States of Jersey to re-instate the annual Christmas Bonus for All Pensioners.

    745 signatures

  26. Remove landlords' unnecessary bans or restrictions on pet ownership.

    717 signatures

  27. Furlough Proposal

    713 signatures

  28. Ensure face masks aren't mandatory in public areas or on public & school buses.

    711 signatures

  29. Support low income mature students to complete their education to degree level

    705 signatures

  30. Provide a 24 hour CAMHS service and a specialist inpatient/therapy facility

    680 signatures

  31. Amend the mandatory road worthiness tests only for those travelling to Europe

    671 signatures

  32. Stop the roll-out of COVID vaccines to children under 18 years old

    667 signatures

  33. Pledge for every tree on the island that is felled, 2 more will be replanted

    667 signatures

  34. Update Jersey's outdated animal welfare law to include the 5 freedoms

    653 signatures

  35. Make a law for the safe use of electric powered transport devices.

    638 signatures

  36. Make Black British History Compulsory in Schools

    635 signatures

  37. ACT NOW to repair Jersey Opera House to ensure it re-opens prior to Summer 2022.

    608 signatures

  38. Remove green fields and agricultural land at Five Oaks from hospital sites

    593 signatures

  39. Raise the minimum wage to match the local living wage of £10.20 per hour.

    580 signatures

  40. Allow medical professionals who can prescribe, the right to prescribe cannabis.

    558 signatures

  41. Introduce mandatory prison sentences for anyone convicted of sexual abuse.

    554 signatures

  42. Change COVID-19 strategy to ‘Eliminate’ and allow Jersey to become COVID free

    549 signatures

  43. Make it compulsory for all cyclists to wear cycle helmets on Jersey's roads

    543 signatures

  44. Rename Trenton Square due to links with William Trent who was a slave trader.

    539 signatures

  45. Horses and dogs off the lead to be allowed on St Aubins Bay all year round

    520 signatures

  46. Ban the sale of fireworks to the general public entirely.

    508 signatures

  47. Provide free parking permits for parents of a baby that is on SCBU.

    502 signatures

  48. Lower housing costs to more affordable prices

    491 signatures

  49. Debate the Chief Executive’s accountability to the people of Jersey

    485 signatures

  50. Legislate to make it unlawful to apply a "no pets" condition to a lease

    484 signatures

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