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  1. Remove Charlie Parker from his office as CEO of the States of Jersey.

  2. Remove Charlie Parker from his position as CEO of The Government of Jersey

  3. A review of the unduly lenient sentence given to James John Matthews

  4. Stop seagulls from making unnecessary noise before 6.30 am

  5. Demand Chris Taylor, not the public, be responsible for his own legal fees

  6. Reinstate the mandatory self-isolation period for people coming into the island.

  7. Change the name of Trenton Square to Squarey McSquareface

  8. Divert the allocated £200,000 for the Child Abuse Memorial to Durrell Zoo

  9. Replace the statue of Sir George Carteret with a statue of Norman le Brocq

  10. Remove George De Carteret statue due to his strong links with the slave trade.

  11. The statue of Sir George Carteret, located in St Peter should be taken down.

  12. Remove the slave trader George Carteret statue and to rename Trenton square.

  13. Remove the statue of George Carteret from St.Peter due to slavery participation.

  14. Test all travellers for Covid 19 at the point of embarkation.

  15. Introduce a daily allowance for working from home.

  16. Support Deputy Jess Perchard's Coronavirus Elimination Strategy Proposition

  17. Jersey to undertake island wide COVID-19 testing for all residents

  18. Offer Covid virus testing to all Jersey residents now.

  19. Don’t ease lockdown restrictions any further until everyone has been tested

  20. Introduce speed bumps on Great Union Road

  21. Stop deep-clean disinfector deployment from killing all insects (bees included).

  22. Ask John Nettles to open the Nightingale Hospital

  23. Get rid of Charlie Parker once and for all

  24. Stop 5G antennas to be installed in Jersey

  25. The Government should publish FULL DETAILED statistics on the topic of Covid19.

  26. All veterinary surgery staff to be essential workers. They save animals lives

  27. Free parking for healthcare workers going to work during the pandemic

  28. Stop parking charges while essential workers need to work and social distance

  29. Stop car park charging in town car parks while Jersey on lock down

  30. During the these trying times the States of Jersey should make ALL tax exempt

  31. Shut Jersey Lifts down until after the pandemic

  32. A public vote of NO CONFIDENCE in the handling of Coronavirus.

  33. Covid-19 - Curfew for all school-age children

  34. Shut down flights in/out of London now? Island shutdown now whilst theres chance

  35. Restrict certain supermarkets to allow only vulnerable people to shop there.

  36. This is a petition to shut down schools because of the Coronavirus.

  37. Stop comments on Jersey news articles on social media

  38. The States should repay coastal property owners who have suffered boundary fines

  39. Increase the minimum annual leave in Jersey to match the UK's.

  40. Reverse the decision by the constable & reinstate defib at co-op,charing cross.

  41. We want the defribullator reinstalled back at Charing Cross.

  42. Stop letting people make stupid petitions

  43. Make Electric Park stand by their refund policy and refund festival goers.

  44. Block the re-delevopment of St Brelades bay into luxury flats for the rich.

  45. Allow back office staff to wear shorts in hot weather

  46. Reinstate Deputy Southern as Assistant Social Security Minister

  47. Reverse the abuse of our heritage and return the accurate "States of Jersey"

  48. Review alternative sites for future hospital

  49. Ban products containing palm oil from being sold

  50. Ban the sale of fireworks to the public

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