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  1. Introduce a scheme of DNA sampling of dog poo to make the owner liable to a fine

    247 signatures

  2. Allow the health and fitness industry to reopen at the start of January

    243 signatures

  3. Covid Test Centres to issue a negative test result document for travel purposes

    242 signatures

  4. Bring home Le Mont de la Ville Dolmen.

    240 signatures

  5. Restrict the borders to essential travel only

    240 signatures

  6. Jersey to be Carbon Neutral by 2035.

    235 signatures

  7. Ban alcohol consumption in Parade Gardens near the children's play area

    232 signatures

  8. Not tax medicinal cannabis

    231 signatures

  9. Patriotic Street car park free for health workers until end of January 2021

    228 signatures

  10. Allow prescribed medicinal cannabis users to grow their own

    225 signatures

  11. Keep our borders closed to visitors from the UK Mainland and France.

    219 signatures

  12. Ban slug pellets in Jersey.

    215 signatures

  13. Stop the compulsory need for a landline with a fibre broadband connection.

    211 signatures

  14. The States should initiate an Island-wide debate on drugs, exploring all options

    203 signatures

  15. Increase number of students allowed to attend extra curricular activities.

    194 signatures

  16. The introduction of family friendly legislation should not be delayed.

    193 signatures

  17. Build another outdoor Basketball court in Jersey

    188 signatures

  18. Review the hospitality breaker and freeze alcohol licences for daytime cafes.

    188 signatures

  19. GST exemption on essential products and services.

    188 signatures

  20. Ban the sale of artificial grass, except for sports or mobility use

    187 signatures

  21. Make Health publicly consider hyperbaric oxygen treatment for CoVID-19.

    187 signatures

  22. Watchdog service for Medicinal cannabis on the island is needed

    184 signatures

  23. Extend the Millennium Town Park as green space needed in already populated area!

    184 signatures

  24. Oppose the changes to Midvale Road on safety grounds.

    184 signatures

  25. Legislate for facemasks and antiviral hand sanitiser to be compulsory in shops.

    183 signatures

  26. Record Vaccination Status & Last Vaccination Date on Death Certificates

    181 signatures

  27. Reduce the number of years for residency qualifications from 10 to 8 years.

    176 signatures

  28. Introduce a Good Samaritan law to protect citizens who save a dog from a hot car

    176 signatures

  29. Review the sentencing guidelines for child sex offenders

    173 signatures

  30. Reduce the speed limit to 20 mph on the road outside Trinity Village Stores

    170 signatures

  31. Treat Toddler Playgroups the same as schools

    168 signatures

  32. Reopen Social Security and services in La Motte Street

    167 signatures

  33. Allow e-scooters to be used in Jersey

    163 signatures

  34. Allow people to freely buy fireworks during November

    160 signatures

  35. Please support Deputy Robert Ward's proposition to call a Climate Emergency

    156 signatures

  36. Diversify power sources for the island to reduce reliance on a French connection

    154 signatures

  37. Review the Education Policy - summer babies to start when developmentally ready.

    154 signatures

  38. Refund Mr Ivor Barette in full for the treatment he received from Planning.

    154 signatures

  39. Ask that the States of Jersey divest from the top 200 fossil fuel companies

    154 signatures

  40. Compulsory water refill stations at all public events.

    153 signatures

  41. Save the Senator in any electoral reform

    148 signatures

  42. Allow clubs to stay open until 4am

    147 signatures

  43. Allow Music and Dancing at the controlled wedding venues

    145 signatures

  44. Make retailers remove the equivalent of VAT from UK pre-priced items

    144 signatures

  45. Allow individuals who live alone to be part of a bubble with another household

    140 signatures

  46. To allow lifeboat crew members to have sirens to get to lifeboat quicker

    138 signatures

  47. Move the UK to an 'Amber Status' COVID-19 Country.

    137 signatures

  48. Make the wheelchair space on buses a priority in law

    133 signatures

  49. Keep the Hearing Resource (HRC) in St Helier

    131 signatures

  50. Adopt Focused Protection

    131 signatures

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