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  1. Ask that the States of Jersey divest from the top 200 fossil fuel companies

    154 signatures, now closed

  2. Compulsory water refill stations at all public events.

    153 signatures, now closed

  3. Make retailers remove the equivalent of VAT from UK pre-priced items

    144 signatures, now closed

  4. To allow lifeboat crew members to have sirens to get to lifeboat quicker

    138 signatures, now closed

  5. Move the UK to an 'Amber Status' COVID-19 Country.

    137 signatures

  6. Provide resources for cochlear implanted children to be checked in Jersey

    126 signatures, now closed

  7. Reclassify tobacco so it is an illegal drug

    122 signatures

  8. Review all public statues & monuments relating to former slave traders in Jersey

    119 signatures

  9. Green street carpark entrance is fine it doesn't need upgrading.

    118 signatures, now closed

  10. Bring in a competitor for Condor ferries

    117 signatures, now closed

  11. Make it law to reveal domestic abusers' pasts to new partners.

    109 signatures, now closed

  12. Close Jersey’s borders to non-Jersey residents during the Covid 19 pandemic.

    107 signatures

  13. Ask the Environment Minister to legislate to ban the release of helium balloons.

    104 signatures, now closed

  14. Increase capacity, employ more staff and decrease waiting times for CAMHS

    103 signatures

  15. Rescind the States decision to introduce MOT style checks

    103 signatures, now closed

  16. Reduce the number of signatures required on a petition for a response or debate.

    99 signatures

  17. Separate taxation of married women.

    99 signatures, now closed

  18. Make household recycling of glass, tin, cardboard, plastic and food mandatory.

    93 signatures

  19. Adopt Focused Protection

    92 signatures

  20. Allow affordable shops in Jersey in their own right

    91 signatures, now closed

  21. Change the law so pets can't be put down because of coronavirus.

    90 signatures, now closed

  22. Bring a gay bar or nightclub to Jersey

    90 signatures, now closed

  23. Hold a referendum on the Bailiff's role as President of the States Assembly

    89 signatures, now closed

  24. Provide more 4-section recycling units around the island.

    86 signatures, now closed

  25. Prioritise Jersey residents for Senior Public Sector Jobs

    82 signatures

  26. Release the Island from lockdown and keep only those majorly affected under wrap

    82 signatures

  27. Shops to open for 1st hour solely for the elderly and vulnerable

    82 signatures, now closed

  28. Make car parks more accessible for parents with young children.

    81 signatures, now closed

  29. Create a deep water berth and establish a 'day tourism' industry

    75 signatures, now closed

  30. Same penalties in all parishes for drivers found guilty of breaking road laws

    73 signatures, now closed

  31. Fix highest Public Servant salary at 5x average earnings.

    72 signatures, now closed

  32. Request Ports of Jersey to review decision to terminate lease on Sailors' Rest

    65 signatures, now closed

  33. Mandatory wearing of face masks in public places during COVID-19 outbreak

    64 signatures, now closed

  34. Make it illegal to use racist terms on permanent fixtures in public places

    63 signatures

  35. Stop States Members' free parking permits to combat congestion.

    63 signatures, now closed

  36. Save and support the Airport Ground Staff

    61 signatures

  37. Make Government review civil service pay levels rather than raise taxes

    61 signatures

  38. The States should ensure that Ministers respect States Complaint Board findings

    61 signatures, now closed

  39. We would like to request a complete independent review of children's services.

    60 signatures, now closed

  40. Financially support Jersey Zoo

    59 signatures

  41. We need a one off wealth tax on the islands many super rich individuals.

    58 signatures, now closed

  42. To allow young transgender adults under the age of 18 to start hormone therapy.

    58 signatures, now closed

  43. Move the Battle of Flowers to a Sunday.

    57 signatures, now closed

  44. Introduce Legislation to require local supermarkets to donate food to charities.

    55 signatures, now closed

  45. Turn old Les Quennevais School building into a non-fee paying 6th Form College.

    52 signatures, now closed

  46. Improve the diagnosis, testing and treatment of UTI’s

    51 signatures

  47. Remove Five Oaks area from Hospital short list completely not just green fields.

    51 signatures

  48. Ban the use of mobile phones in ALL vehicles while the engine is running.

    51 signatures, now closed

  49. Test everyone for Coronavirus and stop all travel

    50 signatures, now closed

  50. Create and Open a Japanese style Dog Park at a suitable location in Jersey

    49 signatures, now closed

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